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Phone number. If you wanna give us a call or Twitter, sports sports are. I T E R. I just think and I think it's absolutely absolutely clear that steps better. Robert Schneider tweets. Sportsreiter sports REIT are. Bill losing one's mind is an hourly thing Steph does he play defense. I will say this Robert, please not the defensive player that a lot of guys are. But he's better than people think his hand eye coordination so impressive that a couple of years ago. He averaged two point one steals per game. Good for being in the top ten in the NBA, and he's able to cheat a little bit because there's so much defensive help around him. But I do think that Steph regardless of his defense is amazing. It's not like Larry Bird was the greatest defensive player to ever stock an MBA floor. There are different ways to assess guys and very few like Jordan like LeBron are remarkable that both there just aren't eight five five two one two four CBS the phone number, Robin Kelly. Thank you for calling in, buddy. You're on CBS sports radio. Rob. Hey, how you doing? Man are good. It does. Now, ben. So I listened to the on the way to work on the way home you tour, the two people I've ever heard on the radio. But that aside I agree with you that Curry's a better than Durant. But my thing is I don't think people get enough credit Larry Bird. Give it to him given that praise. Arrives. Are. I bought a bad connection. I love I love burn. And I'll tell you this. And I don't know how you would classify it. Now, it's been about four years. But when I did have the one opportunity to sit down with LeBron James for television interview. I asked him I wanted to stop him with a question that wasn't that was not unfair. And I asked him who were the three best players of all time. And he went Michael one. I think he went Dr J or Kareem to I can't remember and he went bird three over magic. I think Berg gets is love. I think bur bird was amazing. He he was amazing. But he's kind of tied up in that magic bird thing. And I don't I mean, I love Larry bird's game. But Magic Johnson was the better player. And I think in a similar way the other team mates, Katie and Steph are going to probably be the best to players of their their era of this particular. Era. But to me Steph is clearly the better player, and some of those because winning matters and culture matters and bring out the best in your guys matter, we usually assess excellence, and athletes and what they can do. But I think harder to peg. But just as important is what they can facilitate in their teammates to get done. How instead of case he's able to turn? And the Klay wasn't a habit. But someone that there was a lot of skepticism when he was drafted and a lot of skepticism Andrei Mont into superstars I think there's a lot of that credit eight five five two one two four CBS Jason Portland. Oregon. What's up man, you're on CBS sports radio? Great talker here, man. I think I think. I feel like because of the hero. We're in with you know, shooting a freeze and the defense is different. And all that. I think we're getting over skis a little bit about how great he is. And I don't disagree. He's not you know, he is great. But you know, twenty years ago put him on the ninety pistons team it going to supplant Isaiah. You know, as a starting point guard for those guys, I don't think so what do you think about that? Dude. Appreciate the call. I mean, here's my thing. I I'm not taking shots. Kevin durant? I'm really not. I just think it's just a whole other animal and Steffes ability to stretch the floor, and we heard hammer stroz take on that was really amazing numbers and create opportunities for his team. I don't think we give it the credit deserves. And I know people can disagree with this. I just think that's more of a closer eye Durant's been the MVP the last two finals MVP's last two finals. And I you make an argument curry could have won it last time around but Durant is never going to be able to win that award by himself. Remember Durant and Russ were up on the warriors three one in the Western Conference finals just before his free agency that took him to Golden State and Kevin could it could get done. If you go back and look at those games, he was incredibly inefficient a little panicky took terrible shots talent. And excellence is one thing. Greatness under pressure is another and combining those like curry does is third eight five five two one two four CBS. Brett and Boise. What is up man, you're on CBS sports radio? Hey, how's it going, man? Much just wanted to say that you know, I agree with a lot of what you're saying about about curry. But let's be honest about some here. And I know it's gonna silly. I just hear me out Durant and curry. You could argue curry needed Durant to win. Now. I know he won an NBA championship without Durant. But I mean, I think and I know we can conjecture and stuff, but he beat a Cleveland team in six games that didn't have I've Verson or or not Iverson that didn't have love or a kyri. And also, I mean, let's be honest like curry was not that good in finals, he kinda disappeared. He was and then even in the first one with the Rams he wasn't. He wasn't like he was in the regular season. And I just think that, you know, I don't think curry would've won any championships if Cleveland had been full, and then LeBron came back and feed him, and then Durant had to go there for them to wet again. So that's all I got I get off. And here what you got to say about all fair Britain. I think it's a very I think curry was bad. He was bad in that finals against LeBron and the Cleveland, and you're not gonna. I want to hear me say he was injured because it doesn't matter scoreboard. But on the same on the same level on not gonna probably wanna hear about how kyri was out. And now Kevin love was out in the first one. You are what your record says you are included in the finals. Steph was incredible this past NBA finals, he was incredible. And I and I was at each of those series. I covered each of those series for CBS and FOX before I was at CBS, my memory of two finals ago was seven was intentionally giving the rock to Kevin Durant intentionally create an atmosphere where Katie was comfortable to make sure that everything was Copacetic. So I'm with you. But for me curry created the animal was the catalyst in the greatness behind that Seventy-three when team that allowed in that group did not win the whole thing that allowed those guys to win the championship the year before the year after and to go and get Kevin Durant. I think it's going to sound maybe a little too maybe a little too Homer epic towards Steph. I think like coaches get credit. I think he should get some of that credit. He's I've been around that team a lot. I am better that team when they started that chase seventy three wins. But everyone of those finals there's something about his impact on that team that you see when they win that you see when he's not there like with Durant. Andrea among going after each other last night eight five five two one two four CBS is the.

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