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Good afternoon. I'm Gene Wexler. This one's new today. Orlando police investigating after someone found a body in a lake this morning. Officers were called a Baldwin park around seven forty five this morning after someone found a body floating in lake Baldwin witnesses say it looked like a mannequin in the water. But once they got closer they determined. It was in fact, a person. OPD now conducting a death investigation. Although it's unclear at this point. If foul play was involved. Detectives have not identified the body. They're all Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO. Our top national story comes from Washington watchdog, Jamie Dupree, two point. Oh, Florida's new Senator. Rick Scott says it's time for congress to end the twenty-seven day partial government shutdown. No negotiations are scheduled for today. We'll see everybody wants to secure the border almost everybody wants open up government. Why can't happen as it? Looks like the standoff over money for the president's border wall isn't ending any time soon. Yeah. And that brings us to this story. Sources say a new commercial rocky company. Founded by a former SpaceX engineer could be moving into the Cape Canaveral spaceport for a multi million dollar projects or fly. Aerospace inc. Is rocket company on the leading edge of designing low cost ways to get customers into space the fifty two million dollar project. Code-named Maricopa was revealed by the state agency space Florida last year. But officials have been tight lipped about the details. Firefly's aims to have their first flight in December. When they want to launch a twenty two hundred pound rocket into low earth orbit Katrina scales. News ninety six point five WDBO could become one of the first states to allow digital versions of driver's licenses. That'll be stored on your cell phones as proof of ID. Thumb state leaders are working on a Bill that would allow drivers to simply present an electronic version of their idea on their phones in case, they leave their wallet at home. I carry my driver's license. All.

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