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This could be you and all this loveliness. Yeah but the idea that there is going to be this Lost loose technology is going to be one of the things that's gonna be coming up there and ford it's worth that was the plot so far from home and not far somehow. Well actually yes. It was about some from home as well as there is technology. That is in the wrong hands. And i saw so many posts on social media teddy like oh my god i. Tony stark had built peter. Parker give him billion dollar classes but he couldn't pay the vendors that living wage didn't want if i even living ways yet he didn't build parker billion dollar grasses. Shell him yeah. His billion dollars actually is is. What are your thoughts. Sam tinkering woodstock tech. It was there the copy at the catholic grade. They're making him much smarter than that is based off of the last of vendors cartoon. We're basically in that. One token was a scientist who created his own. And i wonder if it's just a point now it's like he doesn't have anyone else to work on it. He has to do them some. didn't he say something. Was it the airforce. Whatever he's worked comes back had he just picked up knowing what to do with stocktake autumn. Edges pretty complicated running some form of electricity. I mean unless like a blueprints for it and maybe maybe when he got it from spark maybe you know that ran through it. He's like okay. Here's explained the it got. I wasn't stark. Explain it to him because he is that smart guy himself. A half kickoff redwing awesome. I love how it had much of a role in this was like it was just as like he did the fighting. It was actually. Because i think there is going to be an ai. In red wing that there is a red wing that because token is talking to him. 'cause he says that red wing is one of the big three every time we adventure fight. It's either android or wizards at wizards six. What are you talking about actress source which is like such a parsing feeds back into that. You know thing that if you will remember in far from home when the teacher is talking about witches and the problems we have with which is in this world. And then of course in wanda we find. Oh yes guess what. It was which is all along. Oh my god you checks up hubertus you know whose voice at the end that redwing. Ai scotty way. Herman well that'd be funny. But no scott lang history. All right berkman. No i i. I'm sure you can program with whatever voice you want anything but it's just a prank scott lang programs release into their a have very dulcet tones. Here i just listen to ray taco day hard way likes it hard not want you back in hard work. Yeah so. I think we're going to get more with the with the redwing ai. And i do think there's actually going to be sending this discipline. So i don't think we're ever actually here. It wing red wing is communicating with in some way. Maybe route your love that idea because it just with the comex in. It's it's a language that we don't like no but sam speaks to the birds of the school which also might be how he knows how to fix things. Maybe the is guiding him. And maybe that's even be in the same way that in the comics can't speak with birds like himse with birds that maybe he's actually now going to be able to make it with. Ai and various you know he's going to have this kind of linked to various sentient robots weapons if you will. I wonder if it's like self Real like regenerating when his thrust when his thruster got shot at like rerouted around the world yet. Mike robots you know he was. He was all about it. You know. so that's the thing in the cafe or whatever you might just had to take the bullet out of there in probably it might just repaired itself. Even that's true. yeah. I mean it's interesting. The whole thing it does it opens up a lot and this and this is the point. 'cause we are talking about any number of insane possibilities maybe falcon can talk to robots and he is going to be pulling. Ai he's that's new thing and you know. I don't think that's gonna happen necessarily but it would be cool if it did. That is what they built. They built a place for this kind of conversation. And we gotta wait a week to get the next answer on this sort of speculation. I think it's really good. I think this this can win a soldier. I'm just going to try not to expect to see anything like as in division. I'm utter to throw stuff like exactly what we've been talking about. Spain awesome because they're just so many little tidbits as well. I mean we haven't even touched upon lieutenant walking torres pantley in again radical. He's actually a marvel comics character he becomes brigade. He became the new felker. When sam was captain america. Yeah so that's that would be interesting now. That's an interesting thing if we get the power and if we do get malice back because malice was working in in in the tv show is well with bring in animal hybridization with various things with what was it Abalone shells is how we got Got luke cage's super thick skin and like cuttlefish. Dna is what gave know the healing factor to Jessica jones and just all these kinds of interesting. Take some things. That could be interesting when you think about it and it would really be interesting. If we do see a genetic manipulation man joaquin and he becomes liberal salkin person. He's headed winterson him off. And you know what if nothing else. He was a contemporary of who the jackal were arnim. zola area. Yeah they ate each other back in the nineteen again because he was the guy who described zola is a door..

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