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Here. And we brought Rob Lowe in from the beats thing out without Hello. Hello. Comfortable that. It just looks good to be you, bro. Because I literally just fell out of bed. You know? I it's it's this is early for me pretty cash cash and basically in my pajamas. Wearing sweats and long shirt, you're pretty cash guy on general. Yeah. Yeah. For sure so you celebrated it he celebrated birthday recently. I'm afraid I did I'm I'm I'm at a point in my birthday, counting ride don't necessarily like to talk about the number. But it was fifty five. Mandatory retirement age, but I'm not retiring, and I'm feeling great good, man. It was it was it was a big enough birthday to get you thinking about life and all the good stuff share some wisdom because I this. I find this every time someone has a significant birthday. They do have like a not a Tiffany. But some some wisdom that they retain what can you dispense? I'm at a point where some of the good choices I've made in my life. Are I'm seeing the results of them. That's that's the main thing. I stopped drinking twenty eight years ago. And you know, that's made a big difference in my life. You know, I've been I've been eating a low carb high protein lifestyle, and that's keeping me fed. And then and and just, you know, try to make good choices in my life is starting to pay off a little bit. Let me tell you something if it's low carbs and high protein looked like that fifty five tubs you, and I are going out tonight. Go get some some grab it. You know, what what did they say Avs or made in the kitchen? Yeah. Yeah. I I keep hanging out my kitchen. I don't see him like that come on. I I I got some Atkins bars to give you, bro. Now. Listen, I got it was just gonna say that. You're a you're Atkins. Right. Yeah. I'm I'm the spokesman because I've been I mean when they asked me to do it. I've been I've been eating that that way anyway forever. Yeah. And and I have to say like on the run the little the little treats that they have like saved my life. Rob Lowe is here. So I gotta tell you. I don't know, you know, this when you come see us, but Ripa Kelly Ripa says to every single guest that we have on whose kids have grown up and moved out that you have told her that when the empty nest happens that you just walk around naked every single day. It's, but it's everyone you gotta know, by the way. And then she told me that that that she and Mark do that. Anyway, all the time anyhow with the Kennedy. So what are they need to school for? But is this true? Or is this just this? You may have done it once or twice, but it's not like. Look if I'm walking from the bedroom to the jacuzzi. Yes. But I'm not, you know. I'm not I'm not grinded up. My acting shake my dangle out. That's good to know. I'm sending this to Kelly says she knows. Yeah. Congratulations. You're doing this new game show. It's so fun. So tell me the foots the format of mental samurai. So the the the people who do American ninja warrior. So that's an obstacle course for the physical and their their idea, which I thought was so firm was what would an obstacle course for the mind. Look like, so it's not enough to just be smart, and he had a buzzer with with questions like millionaire some of those great shows. But how do you have the physical component to it? So we we have a an Eva is her name. She's an electronic pneumatic arm. It's a four and a half million dollar piece of equipment. So our contestants have to be subjected to really intense physical forces while they're answering a certain amount of questions and a certain amount of time. And because it's not struggle course. Whoever goes the farthest the fastest will compete at the end of the year. And what do you do you tape? Some of these, you know, we we're we're just now beginning to air them where we're not third, but this will be coming up our third week or so. On Tuesday on FOX, what is been the most challenging thing. You think physically for people to overcome while they're trying to mentally connected answer questions. One hundred percent that you can if you have a weakness in your knowledge. This course will fight it. So if it if it's puzzles if its history if it's trivia, if it's sequencing if it's memory. Everybody has a spot that they're not great at. And eventually you're going to get caught are. So let's play our version of this mental samurai, by the way. I'm at puzzles. I'm just saying this right now don't don't you don't have to answer because you're the host. Just do one is an example, Sydney. Can you spin Tani around in the chair just as fast as you can? Maybe rob you can spin just spin around in a chair near spend spend, more and more and more. First of all, we have a fire Scott. We have a four point five million dollar chair. Your chair is literally from like, this is from Office Depot, Office Depot. Nineteen ninety seven. All right. Is she is she ready yet? She's so ready. Okay. All right arranged these Starbucks Cup sizes from smallest to largest venti tall grenade. Spin spin spin. Dave NT. Okay. This time this time. You gotta keep going. No, okay. A time clock. So next what day of the week is named for the Norse? God of thunder spin spin spin spin spin Thursday. How did you know that Thursday? All right. Good. One more. One more spin spin spin spin spin on spending, mental similar, what is the name of iron man's talking computer is at Jarvis Watson or how Jarvis you're very. Smarter than I am. You gotta come on our show..

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