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Could somebody lay over the can you Waddle like duck song by the jolly cat over that video of genetic until that's gonna take hours. I'll say it takes minutes with our fans, they're very computer savvy. They have to be. Team. That's phase of a figure how to watch the shows it always ends up going off line law. There's not enough bandwith guest. Is you to do that in the next hour? Costing people. Yeah. Bobby's good, I feel so it's not my favorite who jolly did. I would follow him for a while. I was following his Facebook live videos and some of them are just like him like eating yogurt and not talking staring at the camera for like forty five minutes. All right. So mark. Can we watch it on the road? And I. Doc on. You know, you wanna while? So wattle. Bottle. Back when that said. All right. Jelly can't hear when he gets high. Jay, I'll give you credit. It works better than I thought it would work. How many how many hits that guy bang out? Yeah. You should really do dig into the jelly kit. Videos of him getting into fights on the subway people yelling. Him weirding people out on the subway. And and then really trying to like stay away from him because he's singing awful awful songs. Are you asking if he's a local guy Shane? Yeah. He's more local than. This guy is. Oh, yeah. By the time. I think I gave my number. You gave that guy your phone number? Pretty sure I have his number. Yeah. Review? Whatever the last thing. He texted me promise, you'll be at Saint. Larry's whatever will be issue. Let's see. Hey, Jay can open for you in Houston. Here's my new set. Waddle like a duck. Conducts a bit of a hit bit of. Oh, he's got great ones. Oh, bobby. I love the chain doesn't notice feel like it's like when someone visits the city, you're like. Of great see who this guy is you know, what? What are you doing here? Jay, this guy goes feel like there's any. Oh, no, there's texts. Do you feel like there's any pressure that since Lewis isn't here, you guys gotta have fucking good show. Oh, yeah. We put a lot into this. We were like bring up water like duck within the first few minutes. Well, yeah, what's always a home run back there? You guys went to watch. The last thing is he's telling me that he's got a comedy show at the parole room bay ridge Brooklyn. And if I'd like to do. Dot. Some work. When is that? You can't make it I'm down. I don't think I've made it. I already didn't make it at all. I think I failed at making it comply. Well, you blew it. That guy was booking you. Yeah. His reps if he's not allowed in front of the seller anymore, but I think day, no, he walks by the can't stop them walking down the street, but they don't want him anywhere near the front door. They tried to get rid of him. He's a problem for sure. Is he a problem or are you a problem for not getting back to spot opportunities that one there's one? Video of him at a Burger King late night and some guy yells at him and argues, and they asked him to leave and he just has a real zero to sixty melt he spends his back back. He's talking. There was own camera is a lunatic like Justin just setting up a camera in the middle of a place. At least. Jelly. Afternoon activities, you know, what Philby yourselves public? Expresses itself a little different. Jerkov Phillies sows during the day Abraham being sponsored by Fancy Feast. But he's got he's got a video reasons Burger King and goes he goes, I just want to come out and sing some songs. This isn't it? Fucking..

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