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Pride of our nation for eight hours xi a gonna spilled her guts with stories and this is the one that i really love or at in love it but i think it's really a illustrates what she's up to this is pelosi galore stooping to all our whole new low in pandering to the latino community down irish english but ever whatever antitaliban miracle is the mix but he looks more like the other side of the shall we say is the she's them and when he had his six fifth birth six birthday for great very close friend whose name is on tony always from guatemala and he has beautiful tanned skin beautiful brown eyes and the rest and this was such a proud day for me because when my grandson blue after candles on his cake they said did you make a wish and he suggests amid rishon said well what is your way she said i wish i had brown skin and brown eyes like antonia up to so beautiful the beauty is in the mix the face of the future for our country is all american and that has many versions her god's word worst me was latino is not proud of his irishamerican english italian heritage he looked tornado so that one day his grim mommy could get off on the house floor and pander free hurts around like well sounds like a loose gone what good brown do for you know maybe he'll go up to be a ups driver arena knows of it now wait a minute i mean what happens on here with that just ridiculous i'm really surprised that she could actually lose unserious serious now that she could stand for eight hours well you know again i didn't i didn't watch the holy hours obviously a large parts of it but it just it was and i i can't believe it is good ju wooden he'll back before know i would think at some point the they could have made or do that but i don't think girl that thanks wake orlando's i let her hang herself nestled other good thing about the i'm looking at the closet of things about this a budget deal is that at least it's not attached to the.

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