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Quite travis buck. Sexton show shoplifting frenzy. It's like remember never used to watch a at some point back in the day book remember supermarket sweepstakes called supermarket. Remember that oh yeah show people run and they take their arms out that run down the aisles. Just knock all the fruit loops and count chocula. They could right into the basket. You were trying to get as much money as you could spend or whatever. It was supermarkets sweepstakes or showcase or whatever it was like all those of you around our own age or older. You're remember that is a game. Show that aired on television where you would run through the supermarket and knock as many things off into your buggy as you could smoke salmon. Clay you gotta go for the locks. Yeah it is. It's kind of a funny question. I know they do modern day versions of this in youtube because my kids watch youtube all day where they're like youtubers will draw a circle like a walmart and say hey anything that you can fit in this circle alpay four and you get fifteen minutes to get as much stuff as you can. It's pretty addictive video to watch kids. Watch youtube all the time. So i've seen the modern day version of this. But that's kind of the world that were in where there are now basically every day viral videos of targeted without fear shoplifting. Incidents and we opened up phone lines. Because i wanted to hear from people who are experiencing this and chris and elway says he's a cop and he's got us a bunch of stories about this chris. Have you guys been told to stand down effectively on shoplifting in l. a. area Retail that. that's not true at all. I've been a twenty one year veteran with the lapd. Okay number number one. The mass thing on the west coast hasn't gone away. I just wanna throw that out there To you you mentioned nordstroms okay trader. Joe's i can speak first hand on trader joe's for years tells their employees as someone comes in. They do. Uh smashing grab you. You don't get you don't get involved. Yeah that's been going on for years Concert still doing their job. Gay don't don't don't don't believe everything you hear so when you watch a video which these videos are out there and they're pretty clear and prosecutors are being clear that they're not charging people basically with crimes they're less than this going on for you but okay look at l. a. right la county. Look george jones. Our our district attorney. Okay who funded that. Do george soros. Beat he beat an incumbent who was a female black. Okay so the police arrest you right. They spend six hours with an arrest..

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