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This summery Monday it's two 28 Time for traffic and weather how are things going out there Dave dildine Textbook Memorial Day traffic pattern Hillary not bad at all all the delays where you expect them and no surprises 95 between Springfield and Fredericksburg slow in exactly the places you would expect southbound to where the aka Kwan northbound through Fredericksburg no worse than usual for this day on the calendar heading in on three 95 slow traffic across the 14th street bridge The standard array of parade closures downtown constitution avenue block between Pennsylvania avenue and 23rd street all the number streets the cross the national mall are closed the independent avenue stays open but it handles more traffic And from three 95 and you can't take exit one or three 14th street 12th street are both closed from three 95 Roosevelt bridge is open but you can't get past 23rd street 23rd street is one of the few streets north south across the mall that will stay open 23rd northwest No signs of any trouble around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia Baltimore Washington park where just a little heavy northbound near the beltway in South Bend 32 two 70 south on traffic beginning slower in the next hour or two from Frederick toward clarksburg southbound again And from the eastern shore westbound on route 50 traditional end of holiday weekend travel delays why mills Queenstown and from the Kent narrows bridge across the bay bridge and then slower stretches across broad neck toward the severan river where the pace westbound improves Save at the palm join giant flexible rewards and earn 300 points to redeem for 30 cents off per gallon had giant food dot com slash rewards for details Dave dillin WTO traffic Let's find out about this weather Here's clay Anderson The dome of high pressure more like a summer like pattern will be across the eastern seaboard including our area for the next several days In fact temperatures today will tap out at 90° low 90 south and east of town with a southwesterly breeze at 10 mph.

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