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One six one easy i can it mortgage talk and text one i still reserve that category for all jason useful at the top of that one to me i mean you were talking about murder here right i know we got off with come on he could make board you have a tiger woods is a guy who at the age of thirty two at one fourteen major's fourteen major's is now forty one so it nearly a decade removed from his last major win what i see him tiger woods is a guy who was dealing with a tremendous amount of pain follow me on this one a number one is the physical pain of four back surgeries year in a very short amount of time physical pain why is he taken these painkillers than medications because of the physical pain he indoors every day number two the pain of not being able to do what tiger is on this planet to do as a profession that play golf number three the pain of a broken marriage sure family dynamic is nowhere near the same as it was when tiger was in his early thirties and number four the pain of knowing the tiger will never be able to defeat the monster that he created in that is all of the twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five year old golfers were winning weekin weekout on tour tiger will never be able to beat them ever put it altogether and you got a.

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