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Today's episode is brought to you by. Being shut in because sometimes, we've still got to stay inside because people are crazy. Now with me today. Is the man. WHO NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION? The man whose voice! Cuts through all the BS. Mr James Cole welcome James. Tyler. Fuck. We haven't done this in a while. It's just time and it's been. It's been crazy like. How not being able to go anywhere. You want all this guy. Really makes like you so much busier. Yeah like! Finding to do, but like I the over the past. Timeframe. Help, my father-in-law. Build a pool and do all the stuff that goes along with. With that, so that's been. Daunting. And it? Just seems like. I don't know. I've done a lot of stuff with the kids trying to keep him busy because. They'll keep asking me stuff about wanting to go. To do this or do this or and just you know constantly have to re explain things and. Solomon. He pays attention to stuff. And he held me comments. They're Kinda like. They're smart, but they're still kind of sad. Maybe, maybe the corona virus will be over by my birthday and we can do this. And it's just like. So. Yeah, it's. I don't know. Kids are the. Kids are so great and. Let them make you so happy. They'll make yourself sad, but they'll make you so angry. Yeah, and then they can elicit every emotion from you pretty much to the extreme, and then your daughter turns around and gives you this big hug. You're the best daddy out of nowhere and you're dislike. Thank you? Like. All, right I can now like. I'm now Leeann is charging the three hundred, but. Let's talk some fun stuff, man. Let's talk some, but after a while you need to. You need some adult conversation only do. Definitely. So, we're GONNA. Talk about comics. And we're going to back it up here to some news that. A little. Yeah been some. Events going on. So we'll start here ready. Star girl is going to have a season to. Season to come into the CW proper.

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