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Like you know, thinking about his old John Wayne movies and the himself murdering native Americans, right? And I mean, once rooting for him, as he rich Asians is coming out next weekend and it's two thousand eighteen and like we're like, finally getting a movie that's cast with Asian Americans in Asian actors like we need representation in order for us to fell to feel seen, you know, and that's exactly what he brings up all the time like, I'm so glad you brought up how he dissect media too, because it wasn't like he's, you know, only talking in grand scoops of things. He taps into like wet daily life is you know what? We're seeing what we're dealing with, what, what it is to just be a person, you know, and also how there was also. Talks about, you know, the different subsets of the black community like between melt the maximum Medgar Evans and king junior and the different like there are so many different black coupes that were fighting for something and in different ways. And some groups were literally just, you know, ING talk about some of my my ancestors who we talked about in the last segment who were just trying to just have a nice life and show. They were also buying into the images that they are being sold at a white hero and the cowboy and wanting also. And we were being fed that image of lake sort of how to assimilate literally give him a blueprints. And that's interesting to just like he talks about Sidney, not for a good while I'd like to actually put a pin in city Proteon comeback. I gotta to do a deep dive at a later point about Sidney Poitier 'cause like, oh, it's a fascinating and important figure in black media and cinema. Doesn't. He talk about how Sydney put an Harry Belafonte. They're like sex symbols but not sexual because it was like taboo to have like, you know, a black guy be of sex symbol kind of thing. Oh, ya he touched on. He touches on that. And I'm yeah, because like we we as black people just in general, but were shown us. So sex list. It's just weird. We're sexist. But yet there's a danger users, rallies sexy or sex lists, like dangerously sexy, like, oh my God, just like crazy sexy or just like nothing dopey Nutting like a dumb ass. You know we, by the way I would like to point out our president has been doing repeatedly on Twitter by calling many black notable black people, stupid repeatedly. So pay attention to what's going on around you. Doc, whistling. Am I an open so interesting to you? Is that like Jimmy Baldwin, you know he, there's an Otago by Jimmy. That's what I call him. He's my friend Jimmy. I thought you sufficing tooks that can relate to this just felt like such an outsider. Yeah, and like, you know, because he wasn't. He wasn't one of wasn't a black Muslim part of the n. double ACP which he points out has a lot of it was sort of like black class distinction. People were part of the NWPP where sort of the more well to do black people, right? And he wasn't involved with the church even though like as a kid that he was raised in the church, but he just had grown out of a and he really felt like his role was to be a witness to get the story out. And I, because he was actually over in Europe during some of this time. And during the assassinations he came back and was like, I have to bear witness, and he had to go to Martin Luther King's funeral into Malcolm X's funeral in talk to. Betty Shabazz and Kereta Scott King and and and and bear witness that in the key was called home because he was like,.

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