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And the short amount of time that's when it becomes so dangerous circle well who did it so they're taking all the precautions that they possibly can it in some of the parishes they've already issued a state of emergency and you know they're looking at the drainage pumps to make sure their operational and need to make sure that the it'll be okay if they see this crazy amount of rain that they're talking about the army corps of engineers Norrland said that the the agency wasn't expecting widespread overtopping of the levees but there are concerns for areas south of the the city so the river is expected to rise to twenty feet by late Friday interesting isn't it scary I mean it's a I like Louisiana I do I've had some great times visiting some really neat people in Louisiana Ellen Northlands really really wonderful food culture and everything else but for goodness sake it's built in it's it's built on a bell basically you know you're talking over a bowl built in a bowl and this is something that they deal with every time when you're talking about that kind of weather and especially you you add the disaster of a quick amount of rain in a lot of mentoring rather in a short amount of time we saw that in Washington D. D. C. so the levees lot of the levees are pretty high you know most of the areas twenty twenty feet by feet high but that doesn't mean that it can't crest over so that's a frightening thing to a to watch because you don't want to see those horrible scenes that we've seen before coming out of out of that city and it's too late to escape when you're half way under water and you see all this rescue boats out there and all that sort of stuff and it's a it's not the only place that's at risk parts of Texas are certainly at risk to I had somebody that was coming into town to do business in a canceled everything because of what's happening in Houston and Houston is pretty much the same way you know that you're gonna get flooding and had family there because they're concerned about what will happen if they get that same thing just get pummeled with a ridiculous amount of inches of rain in a very short amount of time because doesn't matter what you do bottom line is you can't bail out all that water you can only do the best that you can do and try to warn people and what not otherwise you you you're you're out of luck and and hopefully you don't have people that are trying to risk it causes that flash flood water that that those waters that can be so dangerous as you are not not not not expecting them a coming up on the show as we've just scratched the surface we've course will go into the mail bag and will enter the man cave as well that doors Artie propped open behind the way and there's still much more to talk about when when it comes to the man cave free agency in the NBA the espy awards it seems like the entire world had a seat at the espy awards I love it that a cable sports entity that became just primo in the world of sports it's so brilliant isn't it from a marketing perspective they come up with their own awards.

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