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There are two hundred seven total deaths in the state the number of cases has increased to three thousand four hundred ten now about forty percent of the deaths in Oklahoma are linked to long term care facilities in the state the Carter county health department says a woman there has died from covert nineteen after it was believed that she recovered from the virus the woman was initially hospitalized and then she was released she returned home her condition deteriorated and she passed away in may it's about to be released will be tested earlier for culvert nineteen Margot marrano tells us why after a covert nineteen test of an inmate at a state prison in fort supply came back positive after he was released the state department of corrections is now testing all state prison inmates for the virus at least a week before they're released D. O. C. officials say fifty two inmates at the William eski prison imports supply were potentially exposed to cover nineteen by the prisoner before he was released and are now quarantine president trump said today that he will use an executive order to force meat processing plants to stay open has been asked to another industries yet but with the meat packing and with the transportation we have had some difficulty where they're having a liability that's really unfair to them there have been growing concerns about a possible food shortage because of a number of covert nineteen outbreaks in plants across the country the order would label the workers essential employees who need to keep working the White House says it is working with the labor department for standards and guidance to keep workers safe and ensure they can continue to do their jobs from the Katie okay weather center and the four warn storm team again we have that severe thunderstorm warning for southeastern king Fisher county northwestern Oklahoma county.

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