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Dot com a poster pictures right there on our news letter is it about it Johnson newsletter that I covered all you covered a lot of it but I was thinking the thing that you can sign up for the it's probably you Ali somebody would love you forever if you gave him this as a Christmas gift would be to join us on our trip to the international wild flower festival there for those that are hearing about this for the first time what the heck are you talking about well if you would like to take trips with our listeners to gardening trips around the world right in the one is coming up in twenty twenty is going to be the first week in June and we're going to the international wild flower festival in Slovenia install reunion the Julian Alps and and then we all will go from there two Austrian from Austria Prague this century exotic John yeah it's it's going to be really good and I was talking to a listener actually was talking to one of our suppliers the guy that supplies the garden Gators for us and he was telling us that he had gone to to the UNESCO site what's the name of the village no sound that we're going to I think it's a the whole town but he said that that was phenomenal and he had been there last year so I'm looking forward to daily emails the wild flower show which side I get the picture the sound of music in my head a little bit there because the hills are alive right well you know if you would learn some of those songs you know because we ride the bus line I may god remember them from my childhood well you could maybe lead all our listeners and and song on the bus would you like a the last trip we took a lot of people got tired of the wheels on the bus go round round round so I can see if you did the songs from the sound of music but you know what was popular last trip was ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall that went on for miles and miles but that was the day that we did the wine and lemon shallots tasting that is true that is absolutely true so do join it sounds very very end of June into July right John of like twenty one I'm sorry may manager thank you tiger very into may into June of twenty twenty and they're working to.

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