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I don't have an issue with it at all especially for all the havoc that it causes when you put another title in there, and he also has been on ice with this issue with the commission, and I know some people were like a five hundred thousand dollar fine. It's totally justified. These are deranged people truly it's impossible to justify this in any event. So he's a little bit bitter about that they got to find the right opportunities. So if he sits out till twenty twenty for no other reason that he doesn't wanna be there. That's different. But if is again twenty nineteen I'm okay with it next. Hot ones who was your favorite person to click on hot ones. You guys seen the show on YouTube. I love and I talked about in the last episode of the beat my. You know, what I I like DJ Cala, but he was so annoying on that show. So because he made it three wings in. And it was like I've never taken an L. It's like, not even your your blood pressure DJ. I would say Ricky Jovis next real quickly. So the Nevada commission is contemplating regulating prefight trash talk outside of this. What does the most ludicrous policy? You've heard any commission have ever come up with whether successfully implemented or otherwise when they tried to ban Nick Diaz for life for marijuana infractions. They couldn't even prove took place. Boy that commission is truly amazing people will justify anything that the powerful do. But that I found to be utterly disgraceful. And and I'm not even sure I agree with you in a white. I don't even know if that's legal to be quite candid with you. All right. Let's get to our guest. I believe he's there is he not on Skype. We're working on them. We're working on. I believe we're have Mr. shorty Torres next. I believe he has some news to share if I'm not mistaken. Bowl talk to him. Just a second that whole commission thing. I just couldn't believe people were like, yeah. You know, it makes sense to find them half a million dollars. It's only a quarter of a first, dude. These are the kinds of people who can be tricked into anything if they had taken a million. They would have justified that as well. They said well. Things could have happened, folks. If you jaywalk why is Jay walking illegal? It's illegal because it can cause a lot of problems bodily harm to the person jaywalking. It can cause traffic accidents generally is not good for law and order. No one is calling for Habib to not be punished. No one is calling for him to not suffer consequences. You can't jump out of the octagon and go after a teammates are Subbiah rivals teammate. You cannot do these kinds of things. On the other hand you have to have a proportional set of Justice..

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