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On the go. Why Mr Martin will substitute teach no more in Zionsville. Becoming mostly cloudy overnight. Mostly cloudy and breezy Saturday with some scattered light showers. I'm stand Lear. Here's what's trending this hour of former substitute teacher with the Zionsville community schools is in jail facing child seduction charges 26 year old Sean Martin, the second is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a female student. At a Friday afternoon murder in Indianapolis. Chris Davis has that story. This happened at 46th and North High School Road at an apartment complex, Indianapolis Metro Police Sergeant Grace Sibley says. They got the call just after three o'clock, and when they got there, they found a person with one gunshot Mouna. They didn't say whether that was a man or a woman or anything about that person's identity. They're withholding that for now. They are asking for help if anybody knows anything about it. Chris Davis 93. W I B. C Mobile news, Bringing the entire NC double A tournament to the Indianapolis area could be an economic coup for the city. Even if there are no fans, Eric Berman explains, the CIA announced last month. It'll hold the entire attorney in one place, and that was in preliminary talks with Indiana Indy Chamber president Michael Huber says whether there are Spectators or not, it would be a marketing windfall but TV coverage showing off the city and the turning itself showcasing its ability to host big events. Eric Berman 93 WNBC Mobile news on the level on the go on Twitter and 93. W I, B. C and Wi be si dot com. Now here's the forecast from the American Standard heating Weather Center. Mostly cloudy heading into the evening hours. It will be dry with lows near 32 mostly cloudy. Breezy for Saturday. Some scattered light rain showers possible with highs near 40 I'm wish. TV Storm Track eight meteorologist Have been fed. That's a fact have been. That's a fact. Credit card purchases. Give me cash back purchases. Give me cash back. No one else gets these reboard Sergeant that is just played us through. What in Tarnation, Sir. Pen fits para cash rewards card isn't just for military members. Anyone can get cash back on all purchases. Riggins, you've ruined.

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