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I don't know. Maybe some. Maybe an example of where that sure where you could be. You could point to and be like, Hey, look at this. So here's the best update off this. So of the people Sinus, including Matthew Glaciers, which I want you to know. I want you to understand the depths of moon battery. That box reporter Matthew Iglesias is known for. He's the guy who, when he wasn't at work, donde mask and drug all his moon bat buddies to Tucker Carlson's house to bang on the door and scare his wife. That's Matthew Iglesias. So he's on this. So what happened? Another writer from box who saw the list. The list, which included Jake rallying and a handful of others. And as a Trans woman. Started put out a another thing to get people to sign to talk about how her coworker and others on this list are making are threatening her safety. And now they're all having to apologize for it. Because if not By aligning themselves with people with troubling views, a k rallying or others. Who deviate ever so slightly right if you if you put a flow chart of the top 100 issues on how does J. K. Rowling feel about this? 99 would be right. But there'll be one issue, which is on women and split essentially trans women in sports At versus the classic feminism right right. She believes the women are women and men are men. Everything else. You know everything else Perfect. They canceled the cancel culture know they can't They're trying to cancel. The people who signed a thing, saying the cancel culture. Even though they completely won 18 words coming from is bad and took shots at Trump. So they can cancel other moon bats who are not pure moon bets. I accidentally put it in a word. It's layered mass and onion. Because the others they're saying, Hey, cancel culture is bad. Were people from different sides of the political aisle, but we're coming together, say Cancel culture is bad. Then you've got the but it's really not. There's not. There's not a bunch of GOP guys on this, then you have. You know, it's all left the people that are like No, wait. The cancel culture doesn't exist yellow crazy but our canceling you for wanting to cancel the cancel culture. Okay? Yeah, Yeah, yeah. And you cancelled the cancel culture incorrectly. So now you're being canceled, right? Yeah. You didn't go about the canceling the cancel culture in the proper way, And this is the result of this is all this is your day, right? If you're one of these people Your entire debt, your entire existence. Has spent analyzing every conversation. Social Media Exchange glance in the hallway at your place of work where nobody says anything. But you can You know what they're thinking. Cause you know you're psychic or something. All day every day, attempting to be that person. Who is able to originate a new or different Way in which somebody needs canceled, right? You got scalps to get And that's your existence because for every scalp, you get the higher your profile of woke, nous goes. So buy another reporter for box. Figuring out that somebody signing a letter saying, Hey, the cancel culture what they which they mislabeled anyway? Shouldn't be happening, and Donald Trump sucks by them, not even in the same room or anything, but just both a green with a larger statement. That that person it's your place of business needs knocked down a peg because they're making you feel quote unquote unsafe. That's a hole. That's an angle that nobody else had. Which this moon bat reporter is able to bring forth. And that's a scalp and that's a win. What did they think was gonna happen when they signed a letter saying that you no doubt would cancel culture as soon as I read it, like, what's a good thing, But you all know you're gonna get cancelled, right? But isn't that obvious to anybody? Maybe on our side of the island? You're going to get canceled for signing the You know, we should cancel Cancel culture. My house is surprising. No, it's hilarious. That's it. Come on, Let's not undersell the just the insanity. In fact, here we go. Emily Vander Werf is the Trans woman who works with Matthew Iglesias, who's woke enough to go Attack Tucker Carlson's house. Decided. Think couldn't just pointed out Tio Matthew, and when the two saw each other in the hall Wrote an open letter to the editors of the employee where they're both employed. As a trans woman who very much values her position at box and the support the publication has given me Through the emotional and physical turmoil of transition. I will wait a sec. Why is it in? Ah Why is it so tumultuous? If it's an achievement of what you've always known, is right. So I get what in what is being implied There is that Box had to hold the hand through because Her life was being made difficult. And she works a box, I guess would be a boxer. I don't know why I keep working there. I was deeply saddened to see Matt Iglesias, a signature on the Harper's weekly letter. Matt is, Of course, this is the best. Mattis, of course, entitled to his own opinion. And I know he is a more nuanced thinker than signing the letter would suggest, by the way signers of this letter R yesterday spent most of the day going on Twitter apologizing. Just here where they said in the letter, And then when they say they're going to cancel their like I didn't mean it. So there is such a deeply held belief is that you would say it's their passion. You good for anybody now, about five minutes, five minutes, Okay? But the letter signed as it is by several prominent anti trans voices. Do you think J. K. Rowling is anti trans? You think any other element of it other than that one issue. Now. Admittedly, it's a big issue in the larger debate there, but I. J. K. Rowling is an outgoing, actively campaigning against that. J. K. Rowling is responding to questions. Basically now Emily Vander worse job is more difficult, and Emily Vander Wert feels unsafe because of the existence of the letter. See, I said, This is very nuanced. But there's so many layers to this. And so much self fulfilling prophecy. It's hilarious if you're willing to I understand the whole thing. Yeah, they're doing what they always do. They're eating their own..

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