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Horn south the ball game is over the walls of Alan Horton last night on CCOO, Mikey as the wolves one for Ryan Sanders in his first game as interim head coach last call I was driving parking lot. And I'm going. Oh, no. This is going over time. And they fall back with fifteen Jack and stuff talk all the city, traveling call and to ties it over time with three wins. It lists Dallas calling Florida. They were just great great basketball game. You forget the what was now won three straight. I think that's our longest streak of the year 'cause they won on Friday against Landau on Sunday against the Laker. So they got a little role and they've got Dallas go into town Friday, Saturday back to back rear back to back at home, and those are two more winnable games Arabia and get back into this thing. Yeah. That that would be great. If they could do that they were pretty excited after the game last night. Also, the gophers lost last night. And so did the wild. I didn't want to ask you about a boy's basketball game last night with one of the best in the country. Many ha ha Canham against Eden prairie. And of course, we think of Mr. suggs over there. But there were a lot of talent on the court last night. And maniac. Kennedy one at sixty one sixty sucks they out that eighteen points. You don't do that very often coach Lum as good defensive scheme. They're very anything. Seniors your minnea- Jerry Hopkins east rich is a stranger in boys basketball because you don't have a clear cut favorite. But everybody plays everybody. Now, you gotta give them credit. Everybody's playing a strong schedule at that top in hopkins's beaten. Archenemy. A couple of times he has been very good at times this year creatine. Stay chairs last year that they play a lot of good teams in Perry. Mentioned dealer south Lebanon. Apples north last night. They beat them. They've been struggling a little bit of late. But all of these teams. The all comers. And so you didn't used to be this way you played your conference schedule and a few nine confiscates. But now these teams I give them credit looking to play each other looking to play the best in the less about what the record is going to tournament and more about how they prepared then because of that you get some really good matchup spectrums plan mirror. Nats on on Friday night, ten in August nine in one. A lot of good teams like that. Go ahead to a lot of coaches starting to fill those NFL positions. Max anything new with the Vikings? Thing is defense fancy. I didn't think he'd have a chance to Cleveland, you're going to get a second interview there now and he's got a shot. I understand this down to people in other is your favorite if he gets that job at throws everything best. Now the Vikings just sitting there. I still think they'd like to get a veteran tied down ES called place before he's been offensive coordinator at Oakland. He's on their staff. So he'd be a candidate as well to fill that spot. I don't know if Mike Zimmer wants to go that route or he's looking for somebody, you know, less too to play it out, or if he wants a real vector type, you know, north Turner. Here's what I would think they would need that kind of guy that they had that can get one the whole thing. But. Us in good stead right now, he could probably get another job of that one. Does it happen? Offensive coordinator, they creepers out. There's a special teams coach he's the other one that could avoid because he's a free as to right now, why Norv leave in the first place. Back. He left in the middle of that season that bears game. And and no reason was really given. But I guess he he was not comfortable whatever it was. He wasn't comfortable with his role in what was asked to do what he was asked to do. And he didn't really retire because he came back and your Karen again. So there was something there. Hey, maxi on another item on to bring up and that was a place that you like to hunt and fish up and devil's lake North Dakota is a neat thing. They did the other day where they had devil's lake North Dakota versus lake of the woods. Minnesota in a fishing. Contest was all on Facebook. They call it law. Call it walleye wars and took place on January third. But I thought it was a great idea. That is a great. Yes. Think about that technology now you can do that goats drama for fishing high school fishing, not sponsored by high school league yet, but they're gonna get into some of that stuff because you're y'all got different people on different both. Now, you can provide live seized you've got some real potential to do some things. I'd never thought about that. But think about what technology you can put the cameras whoever you want a devil's lake and raker the words you could turn into something really fun. That that is that really sounds like a great idea devil's lake across now water teach rising and all that foliage did affect up the trees the Barnes and everything else is great structure for fishing. So a lot of guys kiss not your fish that. Iran has been there. He has had to say what a lot of people have a lot of good luck. What's interesting about that? Is that lake keeps going like you mentioned? He gets even swallowed up towns towns is here you can see the roof. So Barnes at one time. It just it is it's the strangest thing ever found a out if you're up in that area, you you look at that. I it is a huge lake right now. And like, I should because all those trees and structures Alabama swallowed up. You gotta be careful out there because there's lots of stuff underneath the water right now. But it's become just a haven for perch and sunfish take the train up there and go fish devil's lake. Yeah. Wall walleye wars. Anyway, that was a great idea. Hope they they can do that with any lakes. They want around here, which is a great idea. Well, let's all I'm sure it's part of the tourism from both of those areas. So that's very fun somebody that makes all the sense of the world to do that. Because one of the things about fishing is your thing, you can do is wait until the outcome in way in and you don't know. But what they do is too high school thing. Now is you way as you get them up. And then you send it back to the. To the shore. So you've got this running told you could watch other teams are doing in. No, okay. We need five more pounds of fish. That was not big enough. Throw it back and so create some drama. Won't they say, they need five more pounds of fish? Are we talking perch and sagas, and he'll pot and everything else. Or is it just wall is Northerns or what is it in the high school right now, it's pretty much fast. Okay. Different categories, but bass fishing king right now competition this down, but they say do a lot of things like that. But you can do anything you want as long as the season was over. Yeah. Well, that's interesting. Hey, max, you what are you doing the show tonight at six thirty down thirsty for sure? Plenty of timber wolves race school basketball as well. Okay. Look forward to my Kiala..

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