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Forty two degrees at eleven thirty. I'm Charlie Sherman. WBZ news. Here's what's happening. No end in sight. It is day number fourteen the government shutdown. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, speaking to reporters outside of the White House was asked if the shutdown could last for months, president is willing to do what it takes to make sure that we protect the people in this country. And he's going to continue to fight for that as the shutdown drags on too. Republicans who are up for reelection in twenty twenty you're breaking ranks in the Senate ABC's. Serena Marshall reports from Capitol Hill the partial government shutdown heading into its third week to Republicans breaking ranks with their party. Senators. Susan Collins from Maine, telling her home state paper, quote is he no reason why the bills that are ready to go and on which we've achieved an agreement should be held hostage to this debate over border security. Her words echoing those of Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado who told ABC news that goes on border security should occur quote when the government is fully open. They're unlikely to sway the majority leader, however to bring up those democratic led bills, both senators are up for reelection in two thousand twenty and states. Mr. Trump lost. Serena Marshall ABC news the capitol here in Massachusetts, the partial shutdown has affected several local attract. Fifteen national parks closed buildings which can mean, no bathrooms or trash pickup. JFK library is now closed as is much of the Charlestown navy yard. But the museum of African American history. The old south meeting house, the old state house and Paul reveres house all remain open during the shutdown after days of bad news from Wall Street. Finally, some good news on the economy. More than three hundred thousand jobs were created last month. TD Ameritrade chief market strategist, j Kenna hand says the healthcare food service construction and manufacturing sectors were the primary contributors to last month's hiring the real sort of gems if you will in the report is the fact that we saw so many people leave jobs voluntarily over the last couple of months surface. You may say that's a bad thing. But what it usually means is a lot of confidence in the economy and Wall Street is happy. The Dow is up more than five hundred points. So far today. The State Department issuing a travel advisory for China the travel to the level two warning is urging Americans to use increased caution and cities arbitrary enforcement of local laws, including exit bands that can be imposed without warning. And that could last for years to keep US citizens from leaving similar travel warnings are in effect for Russia, France, Italy and the United Kingdom because of the risk of terrorism. Many new faces on Capitol Hill as the new congress gets to work. We have that story. Just ahead..

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