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Ten eighty KRLD your news now bond is set good morning eleven thirty AM David rank and the judge said the bond and a half million dollars for said big Johnson he's a guy that police arrested for the death of a child they arrested him in charge of injury to a child police found the body of Cedric Jackson and a guard dog garland landfill that charge could be upgraded to capital murder it depends on the autopsy grand prairie school superintendents remembered as a woman of passion family and friends of doctor Susan hell gathered at pilgrim chapel at Dallas Baptist university today to remember the woman who led the grand prairie school district for the past twelve years friends say she was a force in Texas education with her students first philosophy who transformed grand prairie schools into a destination district teachers say the community can honor holes legacy by continuing to support public schools how is also lovingly refer to as a biker chick because of our passion for riding a Harley how died Monday following a motorcycle accident in Arizona where she was vacationing today was a celebration of her life her funeral will take place tomorrow in new Boston Texas near Texarkana Susan Darwin newsradio ten eighty KRLD bad timing for this woman in Houston files for divorce all right in the middle of her husband's re trial for murder David temple is accused in the nineteen ninety nine murder of his first wife Belinda Lucas temple he was eight months pregnant at the time he spent nine years in prison after a jury convicted him in two thousand seven what is conviction was overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct then he got married again now heather temple is filed for divorce and she is expected to be called on to testify during David temples trial Kelly weeks news radio to ninety K. are real de icing customs and border protection are backing off plans for immigration raids along the Gulf coast that could be affected by bury their highest priority they say is the preservation of life and safety they will conduct any enforcement operations in Louisiana parts of Texas that might have a state of emergency New Orleans has been telling people to get ready for the storm no matter what their immigration status is even after the admission fees going to affect the botanic garden for worth one week from today you can still visit for free former public libraries gonna be offering passes that you can check out for a week's worth of free admission for up to two adults and two kids taught over men with the library says the passes do need to be returned check our see you also have to be shown at the gate to.

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