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Three point shooting was a factor the spurs made seven fewer three point shots then the heat tonight spurs were ten out of thirty three for thirty percent from three the heat or seventeen out of forty forty two point five percent however he'd hit seventeen three's spurs hit ten threes let me do some old high school math the he hit seven more three point shots seven times three is twenty one heat outscored the spurs by twenty one points from three point country and the spurs lost the game by six the spurs lost the game by two three point shots two more three point shots anywhere in this game and we're probably headed O. T. at one oh six one oh six so spurs lost it at three at three point distance for overall field goal percentage forty seven percent for Miami forty four percent for the spurs us first got to the line more than the heat spurs were twelve of fifteen from the line eighty percent that's good heat seven of thirteen from the line fifty three point eight percent that is not good rebounding heat out rebounded the spurs not good forty nine to forty one let's take a look at turnovers first turn the ball over you couldn't get eight no eight I was looking the wrong step for a moment I thought it was a lower number than first turn the ball over eight times he turned the ball over nine times eight turnovers is the third in the NBA if you can keep that thing under double digits for the spurs held on to the ball well tonight individual scoring right for the spurs it'll go to the phone lines.

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