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America got a little fairer tonight america lil tonight republican the komali attack has carried her home base of staten island but that was about is and she says at least she got her message out although we did not win this election we were loud and clear and showing that the status quo must ends now many people voted in this city turnout was around the record low of twenty four percent the tabloid seem less than enthusiastic about the outcome front page of the daily news him again the post stuck with the bill over in new jersey of governor's office goes from republican democrat is former ambassador to germany and goldman sachs executive will murphy defeated republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno dwight family and friends and with a huge american flag as a backdrop bill murphy found onto the stage is the governor elected jersey i am extremely great filling proudly sevilla to service the next governor of the great state of new jersey to combat the policies of president trump saying we are better than this metal f stage with a flourish thank you all so very much let's hear some jovi jio asked worry far in virginia democrat ralph northern goes from lieutenant governor to governor defeating former republican national committee chair edgar less for you the president tweeted gillespie should've asked him for more help in westchester county republican esta robust reno was defeated in his bid for a third term as county executive by democrats george light them and that i saw a county executives race also went to a democrat democrat lorry carrying insisted she was the one call today county executive ekeus is not a career politician we have a chance to give nasa county a fresh start to break up the pastor corruption as a filing republicans act is experienced tenant the most and he knew had it turn as the county's finances around the outgoing county executive edmund ganor he's a republican he now faces a federal corruption a carol d'auria tension hands on long island new york voters defeated a ballot proposition to hold a state constitutional convention in 2019 will a we have all the election returns for you at ten ten wins dot com once news time.

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