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So I think so if I'm correct but I think it is how are you good luck eight six six five four four my the traffic it's funded by Mercedes Benz sprinter of South Bay so things a little second a Manhattan Beach right now with a single of in fact it's on the surface streets it's Rosecrans Avenue both the east and west bound side only in shut down between continental and aviation because of a crash so try using marine Avenue or else we can do instead of broken down food truck out of el hambre on the ten heading westbound before Fremont Avenue temporarily blocking all lanes are trying to get it out of the way right now everything's heavy from walnut Grove you're also going to see some slowing at a Montebello sixty heading westbound before send curable about there was a wreck in lanes of just push it on over to the right shoulder but you're still going to see a slowdown from crossroads parkway Mercedes Benz has a brand new service facility for sprinters get one day turnarounds on service at the new Mercedes Benz sprinter service center in South Bay now will but at Mercedes Benz of South Bay on P. C. H. between Hawthorne in Crenshaw with service also on Saturdays at Mercedes Benz of South Bay thanks to the internet you can have almost anything delivered to you dog house to inflatable T. rex custom so why do you have to drive all the way across town to test drive a new car well Hyundai it's now possible to have the test drive come to you wherever you want we called flexible test drive and is just one part of our all new shopper assurance program designed to save you time hassle and had a car buying the eighties it's possible with Hyundai shoppers sure test drive some to dealer personal vehicle availability see participating Hyundai dealers are on the USA dot com slash shopper Sharon for full terms conditions let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents.

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