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The two fifty five mark of the first quarter again iowa barnstorm is leading fourteen to six over cedar rapids that set the start of the second quarter so after the penalty pushing the ball back to the twelve yard line it is i down and about seventeen eighteen years ago for the first down need to get down to the twenty yard line back to pass lorenzo brown quarterback draw all away get a little bit of room runs out after only gave him about three green bay fantastic job mets making a stop defensively also there was dairy sims out of vanderbilt pick for a touchdown earlier this year so green bay doing a good job on the run and pass defense they leave this contest twenty to seven over the super bowl storm storm now based with second down and fifteen from their own fifteen yard line lorenzo brown drop throws up very low pass caught there by john herald short of a first down by four but it's into green bay territory at that twenty four yard line starting to get some of that rhythm back to the storm it appears at green bay is really trying to just place behind they're going to allow those catches to be made but they're not going to let anything get behind him sup zone trailing by thirteen heights snap back goes to lorenzo brown handoff goes to combs tries to turn the corner working off a block thereby damon powell but he does not get the first down good job done again by daria sims on the far side for the green bay blizzard it's gonna bring up fourth down in a couple dairy sims doing a great job of stringing that play out look like they're trying to get up field but he didn't allow it to happen he played that very well on the on the stretch from his corner position balls resting at the green bay twenty one yard line fourth down in a yard lorenzo brown will be under center this time puts and most of the right slot toss goes the right side goes to mccone spins out of one tackle and manny asprilla comes up and makes us stop and not after a first down going to be made by lyle mccombs ball's gonna be dropped down to the eighteen yard line good play call by coach rigs they're getting getting mccombs out in space good blocked by judge harold allowing them.

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