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I think there's the the fancy term for it is in anti drama where we go from one extreme to the other and that is what seems to happen so parents if someone was hit too much then when they get older they say well that's it i'm not doing anything now here's where i would give my perspective from what i've seen through the years i do believe that discipline is absolutely necessary i don't think it needs to occur through spanking i think it needs to be consistency the lesson has to be taught i think that's the part we need to we have to ask ourselves as parents our job is to teach so is what we're doing teaching the lesson effectively that's the question doc i used to teach teach biology i'm gonna explainer sometimes to the point of over explaining but i think when you get that by a kid here you look in her eyes and you see her running with another mind is running with what you're trying to explain to them i think you know in retrospect he thinks we think we're doing other things like a bio feedback myself feedback i think in the long term that that will that will that will win out i'll see now i love that that's talking my language because what you're saying is we're using science to say how can we best educate our children and went and here's an awesome thing for parents to recognize out there the children with the lowest self esteem have no rules and no consequences children with higher self esteem have rules and consequences but now listen to this children with the highest self esteem have rules consequences and explanations so in other words i love when you say you're in over explainer because what you're doing is taking time to explain it to them to say here's where i'm coming from this is why i'm choosing to give you this consequence i hope that win jock kids now they're in their thirties did i even when i substituted when you're only just started make a flashy would think i was dr phil or someone else age break when you get that kind of feedback you know all these kids adventure in various issues but they remember those magical times when you really did try to that can sing what's right and wrong i absolutely love it george i really appreciate your call i love what you i love the fact that you pulled over to talk so thank you so much really appreciate having you on your points are definitely wealthed yes definitely so your points are definitely well taken i love georgia saying here look i do think that we tend to move from one extreme to the other and as parents i think we need to step back and continually ask ourselves what is our real goal and if our goal is to teach then how do we go about teaching how do we go about teaching hey we have chuck online to chuck welcome to katie k hey dot com are you i'm great how are you doing chuck gird your nine year each other through youtube nice and what my first thing i say there is in my book in the way i do things never lay your hand on the child ever i was raised where i was beaten in ways that you can imagine and so i struggle leaving one with you know with certain things and so when my wife and i we're kind of just i listened to everything that he just talked about that gentleman and i agree wholeheartedly with it because when my wife and i found out she was pregnant we sat down in for weeks and weeks and.

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