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Had directed at $2500 donation to our organization. The American Farmers Grow Communities Program sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, a philanthropic arm of their We provide families with food and teach them about nutrition and personal finance. A donation from grow communities allowed us to renovate a classroom for these community outreach courses. Now through November, 1st farmers can enroll for a chance to direct a 25 $100 donations. An organization that matters to them in 2019. More than $3 Million is expected to be awarded. I encourage all eligible farmers to enroll today for a chance to support a local nonprofit organization in their community enrolled today about visiting Www dot grow communities dot com that grow communities dot com. We're news talk 5 90 your station for local news, ducks football, basketball and ducks baseball. K U G N Springfield, the Emerald Empire real user based on the clinical study of subgroups of individuals who are cognitively normal or mildly impaired. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. Yeah. At 34. After the hour. You're listening to the talk RADIO Review A roundup of our thoughts from the D. J. V program..

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