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Gary oldman don't tell anybody i know gary over carryover payments a conservative okay gary oldman as a conservative and hollywood doesn't like him very much but he won because he had to win because he was so incredible he was absolutely unbelievable and so gary oldman deserved to win the oscar and again if you've not seen it it is one of the most incredible performances of anybody ever gary oldman always delivers always i mean he's one of the greatest actors i think in the history of the world because he's never him he's always somebody else die i i submit that guys like tom cruise arnold schwarzenegger they're always them said it's always tom cruise you never never go oh tom cruise's in the movie had no idea it's always tom cruise doing something else gary oldman uh i mean from from the batman dark night movies to tinker taylor soldier spy too the darkest hour half the time sure even know it's him doing it so anyway with tracy was is upset that i am trying to tell you why it's important again the reason why iggy off the like these movies a most of them are terrible i i scored mike these these are my picks in who hutu aminu did i get i did okay you have to understand the culture and if we don't continue if conservatives back away from popular culture as we have done and we continue to focus on facts and figures in reason and logic and forget all about art and all about emotion we will lose.

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