Geoff Douglas, Mikheil Saakashvili, Ukraine discussed on As It Happens from CBC Radio - UK Deportation, Irma: Marathon, Hot Dog Mayor, Mikheil Saakashvili, AB Wildfire, Dragonfly Eyes, ABBA Reunion and more


This is a cbc podcast was programmes brought to you by tangerine unfair bank fees got you down keep more of your hard earned money with the tangerine nofee daily checking account you'll pay fees to do your everyday banking and you'll get free tangerine email money transfers free unlimited debit purchases and free deposits germany after all we shouldn't have to pay unfair fees to use it become a climate answering dot c tangerine forward banking hello i'm carol off good evening i'm geoff douglas this is as it happens the podcast addition and tonight and endurance test in marathon after spending years building a small resort in the florida keys ted dominic went back today to see what was left of his labour of love in hurricane urmas way and is not much a stateless statesman in a state despite having is hata's citizenship revoked mikheil saakashvili has forced his way into ukraine and tonight he'll tell us what he's after and who's after him wedded glitz a couple in alberta spend their honeymoon trying to save family cottage before fleeing waterton lakes national park to escape the growing wildfires observations on observation nature chinese artist brings his debut feature to the toronto international film festival a fictional film created entirely from surveillance camera recordings leave of abbas sense it seemed virtually impossible that all four members of the swedish pop group would ever reunite for tour again but as soon as the holograms are ready it's a virtual certainty they'll hit the road and they're not just furtive there.

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