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No great surprise but jobs are going to be a major focus again next week after over. Six million jobless claims came in J. P. Morgan forecast another seven million. Unemployment claims will be coming down next week and some estimates even higher other economic reports of note include the Jolt Update and a check on consumer prices while the FOMC. We'll drop the minutes from it's latest meeting to the delight of fed-watchers in earnings news is a small group. But simply good foods reports on the sixth greenbrier Revlon Levi Strauss and Lindsey report on the seven price smart on the eighth and Delta Airlines shock medications and W forty report on April ninth in. Ipo News no hence company going public next week but IPO share lockups expire unbiased HP financial and Vir biotechnology analysts can also start covering Amara. The biotech stock closed at over fifteen dollars on Friday after the IPO. Was priced at sixty dollars per share in Emma News. The tender offer on the forty seven Gilead Sciences deal expires April. Sixth shareholders vote on the Annex. Ter- International West go international merger on April eighth and look for more indications that the CAESARS entertainment Eldorado resort steel and Delphi Technologies Warner combination. We'll make it to the finish line. Traffic at Costco stores has finally tailed off. Just a bit. Amid social distancing efforts the retailers report on March sales has the potential to be quite the head-turner as a reminder costco so US comparable sales soared twelve percent in February as the consumer stockpiling trend. I started to take off and the consensus mark for COSCO'S Q. Two comparable sales. Us candidate and international. Is that a healthy nine point. Three Percent Buckle Kato Price. Smart are also in line to issue monthly sales reports airline. Traffic reports will start arriving next week could include some color on the devastating impact of the pandemic unload factors earnings and the government aid late on Friday jet blue warned of a crash. Crunch Delta Airlines said it's burning through sixty million a day and United Airlines. Set the high water for distress by disclosing that. It's losing one hundred million a day. It's likely to be another week of volatile trading for airline carriers the car on April seven through the eighth has switched to an online format due to the pandemic the All star roster of speakers includes executives from mercedes-benz. Google iheartmedia Lincoln Ford an Intel. The expected timeline and uses for five G. Bay cellular connectivity into cars could be an interesting topic. The restaurant industry will be put to the test again next week. As operators continue to look for takeout and delivery work arounds to keep at least some revenue coming in analysts expected industry could look different on the other side of the pandemic..

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