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And when you do me more, thanks man, quick quick like secondary nominations or somebody you don't wanna let go go by without shouting out Betty gilpin, ferments in glow. So good. Also, Betty gilpin performance outside of low is really good. I highly recommend listening to any podcast interview that you can get your hands on with her. She is just an incredible like find as a public persona. Okay. 'cause I don't think people really heard of her before the show gilpin come on desktop. She's very direct. I really not not afraid to say what she thinks she is just like incredibly vivid imagery that you wouldn't even necessarily guess like from the show. But yeah, I mean, glow is a show that I think as you guys have discussed on the show before really took the leap at a lot of that has to do with her character getting to be like in the first season. She's pretty objectively like the wrong woman. Ruth does something really shitty to her in the sense of sleeping with her husband. And then this season she gets to like be a brat and be mean and not be like a super uncomplicated hero. Yeah, and that both fits with the themes of the show really well, but was a great performance for her. And I'm also television academy voters if you're listening. She was kind of the surprise nomination out of that cast. And I'm so happy for her any other performances you wanna show up for move on? I think we all love is it really reacing racy here. This has been a topic of much. Conversation I have. I've investigated her own Twitter account or she answers this question very, very, politely. Every time somebody asks racy horn, of course, plays Kim Wexler, better call sauce. That's my favorite show. That's my favorite character on the show you guys talked about this on the show. I think this week about episode three and her performance and episode three and how tightly wound she is and what she's searching for. And that show has been criticized for having the sort of dual track the being Mike story, Jimmy story, and sometimes they cross over. But for the most part, they don't when they force them to cross over, it feels unnatural. But Kim story is the story that I most invested in maybe because I know that she's not a part of the show that came before this, and so there's the most unexplored territory there. So she's also just a fascinating, brilliant, captivating actress who I think was basically a sitcom actress prior to that. She was on Whitney. Just one of my favorite characters. Lindsay is all Jorde about her character earlier this year for the site just huge fan of hers shoutout to the supporting players that supporting performance. Her earring. In her ponytail. And I read this point her arm, sling men, the like the different the makeup they're doing as BRUCE'S, fade on her face, like the one of the things that really jumped out at me about that scene in episode, four between her and Jimmy, and the bathroom was the fact that she's acting almost entirely with her is because everything else is kind of restricted by the sling and her her business sued and her ponytail, like all of this stuff. But like in her eyes, you can kinda just see her being like, oh shit. This guy's conman. Okay. Let's move onto the biggest surprise of the summer, and this can be taken in in a bunch of different ways. It could be pleasant surprise. It could be, I didn't know they made them like this anymore surprise or it could be. I didn't know that people would watch the show surprise. So I'll start with you Alison. My pick honestly fits basically every single one of those categories which would be the multimedia artists. Terence dance was given a late night show. I guess you would call it on HBO called random acts of Linus. I was honestly not very familiar with his work. Prior to this, I interviewed him and watched a lot of it for research and he shall we say, like not the usual person that you would pull out of the talent pool to get a half hour on HBO. He obviously has not worked in TV before, and he makes stuff that you know is weird and challenging and much more in the world of fine, art and even conventional filmmaking. He had a feature that was really big and Sundance in twenty twelve. I think it's called an over simplification of her beauty..

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