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Both of the these movies what i loved about him is the unexpected is what happens constantly lake you as a scene is set up and this is where i think shame black really sores that he set the scene up for you to be like oh here's the triumphant moment and then you know the person slips and gino breaks their nose respond to you know just the exact opposite happens away thinks in heaven the assassination of jesse james by the cower rubber ford that's a really good movie with the cemetery fees gorgeous and it's casey affleck and brad pitt and it's the i think it's it's it's the story of the assassination of desert aimed obviously but it just a real it also very much purchase it from a character play see now and it's it's a little long and saying can take the two and a half hour range and it's just a really wellmade well toll story what the bleep have you heard the anthem it's a documentary kind of a documentary there's latter reinactments and um eight it's kind of about now i'm the mess this up as a and look it up there wasn't a preparing for this but it's about astrophysics i think it not astrophysics a hold on let me look it up 'cause i don't want to sound like an idiot who can deliver i now it it's been a while is that they watch it's a you know uh to this for american film it combines documentarystyle interviews computer animated graphics in a narrative that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness there you go that's what it's about it but it's it's just a really ownersh is that what is good for him it's just a really interesting can of mindbending thing you know where eight eight gives you a lot of.

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