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Bob euchre on the brewers radio network there with the call get out get out get out of here gone and the brewers blow the lead and then they win it anyway and they are now the second wildcard team at the moment and this is going to change surely many many times is the the games go along but for the time after this Friday night the nationals are still the number one wild card team Milwaukee the number two wildcard team a game back and then the cardinals the Mets and the Phillies all one and a half games out so and all three of those team just a half game back of the second wild card team the Milwaukee Brewers all right so the the the last report we had from LA it was three to two the D. backs leading the Dodgers and the that game is still at the top of the eleventh inning the D. backs are still battling a trying to get more in the that game that's the Toyota out of town school board now the giants beaten by the Phillies nine to six the game summary sponsored by the Silicon Valley hair institute when you're trying to get back into the game think of the Silicon Valley hair institute the best in the bay for a robotic hair transplants lot of action in this ballgame it was Tyler BT on the map of the jazz and he just looked great he came out firing strikes the first at eight the headers for the brewers he struck out five of them and meanwhile the giants is staked him to a lead in the second they were two down and nobody on against the left hander drew Smyly it was Kevin Pelor nicer.

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