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In the two thousand sixteen election now more on our top story reports have fatalities following the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at a university outside of miami here's w f o rt reporter rick full bomb with the latest tragic story involving the collapse of a brand new pedestrian bridge on the campus of f i you cbs four news has now confirmed that several people have been killed in this accident against several people are dead as a result of a brand new pedestrian bridge collapsing this is a bridge that went across south west eighth street on the campus of fau and it literally just opened within the last several days and today now a terrible tragedy taking place exactly how we have no idea but again this is on the campus of i you in west miami dave and you can see the span of that bridge virtually the entire span of it has collapsed onto itself there are a number of cars that are still trapped underneath the debris of what was this pedestrian bridge we have also seen in these live pictures people being treated for injuries on the side of the road in some cases in the middle of the highway south west eighth street where first responders set up a bit of a triage center on the medium there on that stretch in between the two the the lanes on that highway again we have been able to confirm several people have been killed in this accident and of course this is a terrible tragedy but the fact that it comes just days after having been open to the public is is is another added layer of interest in this story that is w f o rtd reported rick full bomb in miami with the latest on the bridge collapsed pedestrian bridge collapse at florida university international university florida international university and of course jeff brown and laurie kirby we'll have more on this story throughout the afternoon so keep it right here wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time to fifty two catholic and jewish leaders in poland are trying to strengthen their ties after a polish is really dispute sparked anger on both sides now there were bad feelings boiling up in late january over a new polish law that makes blaming poland for germany's holocaust holocaust crimes of a criminal offence or this week the polish bishops conference described antisemitism as contradictory to the principles of christian love we.

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