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Three on talk radio vij 60 kia several welcome back function we returned to the phones tom in fayetteville arkansas welcome sir great to have you here thank you all i wanted to talk to you about the uh uh the the way the media is weaponized against trump who story about the uh uh the football league and how they reacted uh trump was winning wittiest narrative about it was unpatriotic you what needed time to do it when they national anthem was was played well they have a figure out a way to make yes respectful and that will her thing about this uh repaired or within did you call although lou uh did you call i will go well heroes you will all game uh and talk to their windows i think this was shut up i'm not no proof conspiracy buff but when you have a congress warm man who just happens to be on the car listening and that makes your now up a narrower narrative out of it let me let me let me interrupt you hear georgia sank is tom i am i i wondered the same thing myself i remembered back when an editor grandfather and grandmother were driving along looking for christmas presents further grandkids may hata cell phone monitoring radio in their cadillac back in the early '90s in him just by they were able to monitor of a cell phone calls a newt gingrich yeah i just practicing citizenship here like everybody has a cell phone scanner in their cadillac and the what they heard they heard new talk at a john rainer about strategy well we're we're we are witnessing real democracy say senate after the new york times and a new york times reported on it and i won the first one when i saw that the the to congress one of the congresswoman was in the car and all this the the first thing i think when these people are involved is set up and you're your point if i understand your point is look at what the players are proud they're being accused of being antimilitary antimissile what do they do try to turn it around so that it looks like trump is antimilitary and doesn't care at your point here it is because he bernie strong what the military and they know it.

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