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Of tape over his nose. which is what football players used to do at at that time to protect their nose or something I don't know but he wore a piece of tape over his nose which is one of the reasons they were able to easily identify him all right so oh football? Public Nudity Time Management and stupid. He's more well known as the I five killer so his hobby was football. Is that what you're saying. Yeah Yeah he was far more proficient at killing than he was pass reception grass. All right. Let's talk about Jim Jones okay. Jim Jones the founder of Jonestown. The Jonestown cult in Guyana and also the humble beginnings of his ministry. We all know how that story ended right. Jim Jones Jones Creates Jonestown. French Guyana brings people down. There makes him drink the KOOL aid. That's where that term came from and they all die suicide well. Humble Beginnings to this Ministry back in the Fifties Jones was outraged at the church. He was going to because they would not allow African American people to be members. Oh so he said screw you guys. I'm going to go start my own church where everybody is. Welcome to join and be eventually murdered so he goes to start his own church. This is an Indiana calm. And how does he raise money. He comes up with this idea. He sold monkeys door to door. Yeah I remember reading about that. I don't like this guy. He wrote a bike around Indianapolis us with a with a cage of monkeys and he would sell them at door to door for twenty nine dollars and the sales he was able to raise quite a bit of money and he started. It is church and some of the customers that bought monkeys from attended started attending his services at the monkeys from him. Yeah people that he would buy. Monkeys are that would by monkeys from Jim Jones occasionally would start going to his church at because there were incentives if they went to his church monkey food for free no better than that and they brought a friend who signed up. They got an additional monkey. Are you fucking kidding. Listen guys I'm sorry. Monkeys aren't pets. This is very upsetting especially when they're in a cage on a bike. That's not right. Can't you just Komo young. Jim Jones biking around Indianapolis with a cage full of monkeys in his little by little bell and his bike gene gene gene gene..

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