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Hundreds of friends family politicians and celebrities gathered to say goodbye to George boy who died two weeks ago at the hands of police in Minneapolis CBS is Danya Bacchus police officers saluted as George Ford's casket was carried into the fountain of grace church in Houston the only members arrived wearing white for a private service in the city where Floyd grew up I just wanna say that I'm I'm gonna miss my brother a whole lot and hello I was once on a Lou Lou the Reverend al Sharpton delivered the eulogy this was not just a tragedy it was a crime the former police officer charged with murder in Floyd's death remains in custody and a co worker at the night club where she a Derek shoen Floyd both work say they did not get along CBS's Jeff brigades has more bias Santa Maria the owner of the now torch club described how show been treated black patrons when she talked to us for the upcoming CBS news special justice for all do you think Derek had a problem with black people I think it was afraid and intimidated by black yeah in a video played at Floyd's funeral Joe Biden said now is the time for racial justice and in an interview with CBS news the presumptive democratic presidential nominee said events of the past two weeks have not influenced who we will choose as a running mate but this put a greater focus and urgency on the need to get someone who is expert totally simpatico with where I am some people waited as much as five hours to vote in George's primary today Fulton County commissioner Liz Hausmann acknowledge the county bungled the election when I was.

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