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Twelve forty nine delightful sunshine seventy nine degrees in boston tuesday afternoon i'm teeny gallon wbz news top stories now attorney general maura healey is suing perdue pharma she says that drug company and its executives lied about at the ditch of drunks and make profits from the ongoing opioid crisis president trump says his first facetoface meeting with north korea leader kim jon un with a big success and kim has agreed to denuclearize meantime japan's prime minister shinzo ave says it's a good first step toward resolving a number of issues and boston mayor marty walsh is announcing his endorsement of secretary of state candidate josh zakum a boston city councilor who's challenging longtime incumbent bill galvin the dow is up just about half a point the nasdaq is picking up forty and the sp five hundred is gaining six points well it appears we may not be as smart as we used to be cbs news correspondent jim chenevey tells us why evolution means adaptation the physical being improving on itself but if that's true we've stopped evolving mentally iq scores have been rising every decade since world war two but now they're falling according to a study published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences the downward trend actually began back in nineteen seventy five young people's iq's are now falling at a rate of about seven points per generation there are various theories as to why this is happening from the way languages and math are taught in schools to the amount of time spent on technological devices instead of reading books jim chenevey cbs news former tv actress allison mack out on five million dollars bail is due in court today on sex trafficking charges reporter sara lee kessler has more from new york federal prosecutors say the one time smallville actress was second in command of an upstate new york sex slave called known as nexium they say mac recruited vulnerable women for alleged ringleader keith rene berry with talk of female empowerment the women were then groomed branded and brainwashed a trial is set for october first according to next em's website they are now suspending all enrollment curriculum and events until further notice wbz news time twelve fifty one a lesbian couple in new york city claims they were kicked out of an uber after locking lips in the backseat alex bovine and her girlfriend emma paiko say the driver threw them out of the.

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