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Comedy that asked the question can you ever live to close to your parents space first i don't like your calendar yes yes you can be been waiting twelve years futile luke that we must establish some growls iin this but no mark feuerstein gold and linda laven star hallands daughter martha is bomb what you get the first one now it's my turn jkl monday only cds dot com president trump's twitter account was down for eleven minutes knocked out by a worker who planned to leave the company i'm tom ackerman alongside michal caloun with check the weather forecasts michael cooler today yeah will have a high of about sixty degrees on this friday maybe will have some clouds this afternoon and a shower late tonight with low of fifty five degrees more rain tomorrow morning warmer in the afternoon with a high of seventy one degrees in unseasonably warm and even humid for sunday with a afternoon thunderstorm and a high of eighty degrees it's five thirty one cbs news update twitter says hp conducting a full internal review after president trump's twitter account disappeared last night it came back shortly after correspondent hannah deldot has the details the president's personal page was down from eleven minute twitter seven employees intentionally deactivated the president accounts and tweeted a statement there were our investigation we have learned that this was done by a twitter customer support employee who did this on the employees laugh day mr trump has credited twitter with helping him win the presidency cbs news technology consultant larry baggett deleting the twitter account of the president of the united states even temporarily is a very big deal because it did knife the president the platform that he uses to announce policy conduct business and of course share his opinion the president's account went dark at about seven pm eastern time cbs news update i'm deborah rodriguez kmox news time is 532 house republicans officially unveiled their tax overhaul bill yesterday it lowers the corporate tax rate is simple vise the personal code but democrats say would hurt the middle class cbs news correspondent ameri green has detail the republican tax overhaul is being praised by the president as a bonus for the middle class democrats say that's not sell the proposal flashes the number of individual tax bracket gets from seven to four lowers the corporate tax rate and eliminate deduction for state and local income tax kmox news time five thirty two boosting.

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