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We would we. DJ back and forth. And so he he played too. I played too. We play three back and forth. And to our set you play, you know, one hour one hour each right? I don't know what the hell I did without drank. And I just wandered around jumped up on stage. And I was you know, thinking about the next song. It's now we're I get to go up and just fall my own my own narrative rise, that's an interesting thing. Because it for first couple of shows. I was like, wait. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Got to play a little longer. But now, I can I can actually expand my own understanding of where I wanna go because I you know, we didn't make demands on each other. You're gonna play this. We suggest this might go. We're here whatever. So I have a great deal of fun. Letting my ADD ride, you know, three or four decks, you know, only music that I love that. I you know, that I wanna hear I I'm I'm no longer behold into this. You know, where we playing this club where they're gonna this Buttle service. They're gonna you know. Yeah, I think you've earned the right to not worry about. But and I, you know, I just you know, I find that. There are a lot of people out there that that came up in the same scene as I did that that sort of left out of the what is traditionally a recycling of of gene RAs, you know, classic rock, you know, fifty sixties FM radio continue to find some format and classic rock. And then you you know, you were the eighties eighties. There's eighty channels nineties. There's plenty of ninety. And then you know, you still with all the Sirius' and all the others. You're right that there isn't really so much of an outlet for that the nineties early early ish. The massive attacks. Porta say. Chemical brothers punk in there. The, you know, the propeller heads, and you know, I'm sure there's some there's some, you know, there's some podcast or some other sort of mic shows that are out there that that do that. And and in a way the gin being not that there are plenty of artists. Josh wink's Moby, and you know, in Phoenix House Katter, these guys that have been in the scene as long as I haven't continued to tour, but as far as just, you know, if you look at the block of of artists that we were sort.

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