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It's not incredibly old, but point is it's convoluted, right? It doesn't have the luxury boxes doesn't have the state of the art stuff. Alberta's already gotten an arena for Edmonton. So the feeling is the Calgary wants to be able to get theirs and updated building the way their rival oiler faithful do and it doesn't seem like it's happening. So is it possible that they can use Quebec as leverage to get their new buildings. Now, the reason National Hockey League doesn't have an appetite to go to Quebec and add an eighth Canadian franchise is because the Canadian dollar is like seventy five cents to the American dollar. So that's a problem because when you make Canadian money, and you have to pay American money, then you're going to lose some profit. But if it's already a Canadian franchise that's already made that adjustment. It's going to be easier for them. Move now, it'd be easier for Ottawa to move to Quebec because they'd be able to stay in the same division. No harm. No foul of the flames would be a problem because they're already out west. But I don't wanna see either of those teams move. Don't get me wrong. But I'm just wondering if that could ever be leveraged we've talked about that before. And it doesn't look like Calgary is anywhere close to a building. And that seems to be a little bit of a problem. Michael says Chris Kreider has been playing through a hamstring injury since right after the deadline. Yes. I hardly practices due to a UB. I he's had for the last month at what point is it incumbent upon these teams to sit there guys out. Thanks. I'll hang up and listen. Well, here's the thing. All right players get paid to play. All right. I know we get into this world now of rast and why play in a law season. Chris kreider. Yes. For foster professionals. They wanna play hockey. Okay. And none of the injuries that they have can get worse to the point where can affect them for next year. It becomes the same thing as I said before. Minute situation. Does Chris Kreider need to go out there and play twenty three minutes tonight against Troy in a game. That doesn't have any meaning for the standings for either team. But Chris Kreider also wants a score thirty goals for the first time in his career. Right. And he's been stuck at twenty six for awhile because of this hamstring injuries got ten games left to try to get four goals. I think he's going to try to wanna do it and same thing with faucet. He wants to be there for his teammates guys gotta play. So I think it's income and right now on the coach to reduce the minutes, and if the guys are really aching and there's the second back to backs and I'd have to take a look at the schedule..

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