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Hands. That's what I say. It's unbearable. And it's it's dangerous is this is this new or is this mega hyped is just the world we live in. Now, an abundance of caution has our society contribute to this. In other words, you got to keep the kids home from school. You can't open your business because heaven help you if one of your customers gets hypothermia, then you're in the soup, and that's cold soup. Not even tepid soup. Do you buy the if we save one life, it's worth it? In other words, you know, canceling everything now our company went out of out of out of their way. I think to do something very nice today to offer everybody that works here inside parking, which is not not an insignificant not an insignificant expense. And if you wanna stay over tonight. I guess they have a room for you just across the street if you can make it thirty seconds across the street. You'll get a nice room is this in fact, the coldest day in Chicago history. Let's go to Mark tibido chief cook and bottle washer at the Weather Channel have we broken record officially doing? Oh, yes. We have this morning. We got down to twenty three below zero harefield. That's where a lot of the records are cats and the last time it was even close to this cold was nineteen Eighty-three December twenty four th was minus eighteen that's number one day we have on record. So there's some some other really cold days. If we go back to nineteen thirty three they was minus twelve point five. Now, the record low forecast for tomorrow morning is twenty five below zero. That's forecast for the record lows around Chicago. And that's gonna that's gonna smash right through the minus twelve was our old record set back in nineteen sixty six we did it again in nineteen fifty one for January third. I so again, not to get you know, I mean to do we just Girt our loins sorry if I use that term too too often. But is this just how it's going to be every year at some point. I live in this whole barn beautiful house. But you know, I I hope this is an annual occurrence. You know, I it's really not. You know,.

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