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Without power for about ten minutes if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time that would be it wouldn't it play lamb castaway cay never know never enough so to me that's a crazy story and one because i'm very familiar with it okay then there's this other maryland lottery player a maryland man one fifty thousand dollar prize from scratch off lottery ticket only three days after he won five hundred the same way i've gotten those darn scratch offs have you every once in a while i've never won fifty thousand or five hundred some people are just lucky mark the shark baumel they call him said that it was a twenty dollar game that went on sale a few days before that so you've ponied up twenty bucks but he selected the game at the long beach exxon i love how they know exactly where i was at the long beach exxon gas station columbia i scratched it off and i got the fifty thousand jackpot that is here's what i love about this guy to what's he going to do with the money helped out family members he's gonna keep bly vying the one million dollar blow out scratch offs in the hopes of finding a top prize but what do you care about i'm going to help my family members i'm going to help them out i love it love it i don't mind if i do says the bear what he jumped into a hot tub in california so in a stalinist california man pulled out his phone because you know where you are walking around with this captured video of a bear that climbed into his yard jumped into the hot tub and drank his margarita he was sipping his margarita when the bear jumped over the fence from a neighbor's property and settled in the out towards accusing the jets were running but they were in heated at aim i saw the video of this it is the most hilarious thing ever just use your search engines bear enjoying hot oven i'm sure it'll come up i mean it's the funniest thing it looks almost like it's fake but it's not fake it's a real hair what do you call the cops excuse me there's a bear in my heart that's the best his fourth of july were hanging out we're having a good time he didn't say anything he just hung out oh my gosh that's insane beloved stay with us much more coming your way next gun america tonight.

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