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What do you say to teachers who are not on board when it comes to coming back to the classroom because they feel that their safety that that is in question and the protections are inadequate. What do you say to teachers who who really feel like their voices aren't being heard? Well I think the thing that I would lean back on our plan prioritises safety, and again, this is a plan that is in place for whenever in Person Instruction resumes and I, don't think anybody's going to argue that that will happen eventually. We're going to work with DR already and our partners as C. D. P. H. in order to make a decision about when we do that effectively think the second piece here is that there are a variety of stakeholders whose voices that we have to take into consideration, which is why cps took the additional step of administering surveys and having the town halls and I think. Overall. People know that we need to have a plan but they WANNA become more comfortable with that plan and it's the district's responsibility to make sure that people feel like the protocols that we're going to have in place. The cleaning procedures that we are proposing are adequate enough to make sure that people feel safe come back into our schools and that's the purpose of the process that. We're engaged in, but I think at the end of the day, our job as a school system is to educate students and we really have to make sure that we're providing an education, all of our students but in particular the students amongst us who are the most vulnerable many of these students, their parents are the same essential workers that we have been championing throughout this process in. A lot of them need additional support, and so there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration a lot of things that we're trying to balance. But at the end of the day health and safety is at the core of the plan that we have in place, it will be at the core of any decision we make to have people return to schools. Jackson I'm intrigued and and as a parent myself and somebody who has as Chicago in who has been here for the last couple years when come to a labor stoppages and strife between the district and the Teacher's Union. I think all of us we had scratched because we we want everyone to come to the table right now we don't want this to be another political fight at the end of the day about what school looks like or what it feels like or what it is when it seems like we are in an emergency situation. So why not have? To table, why not have the teachers and whatever form at the table as part of the conversation to put the plan out in the first place. So the framework you is at the table, we meet with the Union once a week we've met with them throughout this entire process. So I just want to clarify because I think the the question insinuates that we have engaged teachers at the end of the day. When we do that, there will be times where we disagree on key points. There are things that we have agreed on and that allowed us to put put together and put out the framework. That we have in place but they have a particular point about how win the decisions should be made and they are entitled to that Just want people to know that we've been working with C..

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