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I usually start at the top and I go about two, three, four fights down all yet because I honestly, I'm a little picky. I want all five on the main card to make sense. You can't just throw something in there and let's he got two great champions or two big names were all go. Okay. Like really, no disrespect to Khalil Roundtree and go con sake. They were onto twenty-six right there on the main card, right? Yeah. Well, I, I don't believe their main card worthy, but maybe because he had originally Holloway in Artega. And then you also had the other one, I guess maybe one could go, well, this is a fight they can sneak in and maybe one of them becomes a star. And and Khalil did to become more of a star that night by knocking out sake. But I wouldn't look at the car and go, oh man, you know, I'm getting it because all these other fights and cold and the Khalil sake matchup who chemists because in reality that one should be on on on Fox Sports. But check this out. Y'all got James Vick and just engaging. I'm not saying they could headline a paper view because you're not gonna get five hundred thousand or anything like that buys out of them, but they could be a number three on a pay per view, and they're being used on a Fox Sports headliner. So a lot of those Fox Sports headliners you could slide them into the featured bout on some cards or maybe even Komen event. You know what I mean? Because you look at them and you go barn burner. I know I completely you, George. I co-signed on those points. I guess I was just hanging onto your where this rooted from was your original statement. I believe he used the words of superstars or something like that. And when we usually associate that or when the UFC brass or Dana is using that word, they usually associated. But as far as who they're going to hang their pay per view on and for sure, yeah, yeah. How we feel about it is definitely part of the equation for me and you make a great case there. So I'm not. I'm not disagreeing with that, but I guess that's where that's where you spun this idea for me was, was you using that word superstar? And I feel like if we were to get down to it that a lot of our lists, I feel like we'd have a disproportionate amount of names like like you just said, perfect names, Vic, engage. We're gonna. I think most of us would be guys were like, these guys are right there with the right match up. They could be a pay per view match up, but they're not gonna draw by themselves. And I think the problem is that there's so many of those guys and that's the criticism. I think even what was I was watching one of our, our scrums on, I may junkie on our YouTube channel for people that aren't subscribing. We're streaming now on their album. Fernandez was talking about the Houston needs more stars right now, and it was making me think about that. Like, yeah, we have all these guys on the cusp. But yeah, just just just thinking out loud guys, what what's the pay per view number that you have to sell for for you to be considered a star because there's like superstar, right? That's probably like GSP Connor, but just just to star. I think that's such a low minority, four hundred Maimi. Hundred. I think be BJ. Penn was like a four. He he was like the the middle class guy where they get all count on it. He was in the super high guy, but he was always a good. Four hundred k. was BJ pens, average, for example, if you're if we're going off of a star so it has to be, I would have to be at least above four hundred k. for that argument. But I guess what I'm talking about is maybe at or maybe not what I'm talking about. But the climate we're at today is now comes down to one hundred or hundred and fifty in the sense of how much is it gonna take for the UFC brass to pull the trigger because at the end of the day, they're the ones making the decisions as outlandish as they may seem. It's so weird the way they're man..

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