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For a night on the town their daughter. Who we've met in previous conjuring movies there. She needs to be looked after so they get a babysitter. Babysitters friend comes over and he goes this. Hey babysitter and babysitters friend. There's a room in. Our house is full of truly haunted. Stuff specifically a doll named annabelle. Do not go in that room and don't touch any very haunted stuff and the babysitters like this. You got it. No problem sounds great. Guess what happens when the warrants leave banco in they go in the room. And i mean the amount of demons that they lead out you know they tell a story about people getting buried with quarters on their is. I can't even remember why and guess what happens. Dead bodies with quarters on their eyes. Start walking around the house it is. I can imagine it would have been terrifying to have been in that house at that time. If that is indeed what they saw. But yeah i mean that's what it is. There's no that's why there's no real story to it just ends up being you know. Teenagers fighting demons. That are all coming from this room. The music boxes in there from the conjuring doodoo whatever. It's all right. Thank you very much. I think i. I got the melody right. It's it's it's all in there and as well as a whole bunch of other trinkets that we haven't seen yet another stuff that they'll be able to spin off and make movies of but that's what it is. It's a festival is. It's basically a festival of everything that we've seen from the warren's during movies it's a fan service what would happen if all the monsters in the haunted room came alive and attack teens. And they're like well. Here's exactly what would happen. And that's what this movie is. So it's just a bunch of teases of little gamons and then like would you like to see more right that one more and then it's a bunch of people are gonna go away That when i moved here that round service okay with my were making this annabel. Annabel's was is centered around it right annabel holding by the way. I don't know if you've ever seen photos of the real. Annabelle doll a raggedy doll. It's way less scary looking than the actual annabelle doll. But yeah that's kind of what this movie is and I mean it's cool for what it is. But i i could. I remember seeing in theaters. And really feeling like i could take it or leave it like i wasn't i wasn't over the moon for it wasn't needed. It wasn't needed no. It felt like they were working on other movies. But in the meantime let's get some cash rolling and you know let's let's let's. Let's let's bankroll some stuff. And let's prove to the studio that people are still buying into these warren's and they are people are so you know god bless him. I hope they make movies forever. So if this help that let's do it aged once no not at all not one not at all. I mean they are just gorgeous. Gorgeous demon allergists. They are since since twenty eight. Not a wrinkle. Now no and i and i. That's the one thing. i wish that. What's his name. The good the add warren. I wish ed worn was still alive. Because i can't imagine like drake maverick. Can you imagine if somebody made a movie called the drake mavericks story. And you turn it on. And patrick wilson with starring as you. I mean how happy. How happy would you be i would. I would be pretty happy. Yeah i would you know wouldn't be a long film. Let's handsome you know. I mean nice. I'll take it. Yeah yeah so. That brings us. Of course this is. actually i. Think one of the longest gaps between conjuring movies. But that's because the sat out for covid that brings us to part three of the conjuring. The just came out last friday in theaters. Hbo max. I watched it on hbo. Max i'm conjuring three the devil made me do it now for me. I felt like Basically the story here is this is again. This is a real story that the movie is based around which is a guy murdered his landlord and he said look. My son was possessed by a demon. That demon possessed by the demon was the one that killed the landlord. The devil made me do it and this was a real court case. The guy blamed the devil and the judge decided to give twenty years. I don't know but he said the devil made him do it. And that's that's that's what this movie is based on. But i felt like they spent almost no time on the guy in the court case and that haunting like it was way more. I felt like this movie. When you look at the fast. And the furious franchise which i love by the way. And we've gone over that franchise but fast and the furious five is where you realize like. Oh these aren't these aren't just like street racers anymore. I think they might be morphing into superheroes. And i'm okay with it but it's a different thing now and everything after fast and furious five. That's why you get too fast and furious eight. And they're literally like in cars launching off mountains to stop a russian in an airplane from blowing up the world and like driving their car on a nuke and stuff like that but yeah walk yeah it was great. It was great but but it transition gradually right. You just have to recognize when that transition happened because it did over the course of movies but you get to part five and for me. That's the first movie that the rock is in s when they go to brazil. That's when it's like. Oh okay. so they're like superheroes you drive cars. They're not just people selling electrons illegally and street racing. Okay i'm down. i'm still. I'm still here for it. And i felt like this conjuring movie really became. Oh lorraine warren a magic lady. She's a magical magical lady who lives in a ghost world and stuff like that. Because i felt like you know i was actually really interested because i love the idea of the courtroom drama mixed with the haunted house movie. That sounds awesome to me. But when they're like but what have we spent most of the movie in an underground sadness layer. I can't like what are you talking about right. What had nothing to do. What i expected like the first. Thirty minutes olives hooked. Because i'm like god this this guy is going to be it's going to be the warren's trying to give evidence survive day manala jay and everything like that and trying to prove that it's real and examples of obeying rail and and whatever but it just went totally. They went off and did their own things. And then at the end it was like. Oh by the way guy. Yeah he got twenty. Yeah.

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