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He didn't have a run in with Gerry manual, though, you the wild inconsistency on the mound Jerry manual, remove the Koch from the role of closer in two thousand and three. I don't remember why I thought he was a big thing with Billy Taylor. Yeah. So that's more gallons, which seems to be interesting. But I don't know how much there is for full pockets, there unsolved aliens that sends bananas engineer liens, you know, I don't think I wanna talk about a plagues and Haley lake sounds like not so fun. Yeah. So I don't know if there was something fun about the aliens. But I don't wanna get into you know, what does eases they've caused and maybe there's a to come after us for the diseases and duct me. And so I think I'm out on what do you think about Robin? Akiva, get on the oh jury he'll chop. Oh jury, you know, about the chapel court case that's going on now. To know about this, not really. Do know anything, but El Chapo, I I've heard the name so El Chapo was like it was like the number one like druglord in Mexico, and he escaped from jail like in insane fashion multiple times like Hollywood style. And then Mexico's like enough of this guy, and they sent him to the US to be prosecuted. And now his court case is taking place in New York. Yeah. I was just thinking it would be fun to be on that jury. He promised that. He won't have any member of the jury killed in the promise that. Yeah, I think, but I think I've said for for years that I feel like that El Chapo has gotten a raw deal. I would love to it's too late. Now would have loved to get on the jury and just you know, gotten that gun that not guilty thing. And then hit up El Chapo afterwards. Like, listen, I need a need some cat. I think. You know, I think the people are being don't believe everything you hear about L chop. Always true. That's true. It is fake news. They'll get off of stuff. I'm trying on the right side of El Chapo. It's it's like a such a John Grisham thing that like a guy gets on the jury not like it's coming from me. Usually it's coming from like, the lawyer, they get someone on the they they have a ring around the jury here. I'm there like self appointed ring or I'm going in there. And I'm making sure he's found not guilty. But then afterwards, I'm like, listen. I need to kick back. Yeah. I don't know why just thought of that. Anyway to more three three more quick ones. Reality alley says candidacies in three episodes seven. That's interesting. Do you have a synopsis or is every episode exactly the same? I think it's like a person catfish is my my problem with catfish..

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