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Back for an eleventh and final season what what's the deal with these TV show. I mean, these people make show much money. We're talking like, friends and Seinfeld money at this point. So he renewed the hit winning comedy for one more season an episode count for the final season jetski determined though, the creator Steven Levitan said is unlikely to be a full order of twenty or more. So that means you probably have like a partial. She's and then it goes Bye-bye. Now, the problem with these shows, I mean, I still remember when friends went off. I remember when Seinfeld went offer. Remember when the sopranos went off. It just you watch these things for so many years, and you literally get taken in where you're almost like part of the family, and then all of a Senator stop there to next, of course, there's reruns. There'll be plenty of ruins the syndication deals are just oh my God. I got marathons on modern family already on on USA network. I wish they would bring back the sopranos to HBO again like they did a few weeks ago because I'd love to watch those the same way I watch law and order reruns and blue bloods and modern family rounds and friends sue. But you see in Seinfeld like the sopranos the ending of these two shows really left the door open to come back with more shows. But nobody wants to do that's the thing. But it leaves people just in a kind of an empty mode where you just you think something should happen. And it doesn't end up happening. I tell you this. I don't remember the final episode of friends if somebody told me, I'd remember instantly. I'm sure, but I don't remember how it went. But I clearly remember the end the Seinfeld when they were jail cell and the sopranos when they were in that diner. And the the ingenious mind of the producer of sopranos every time somebody walked, in fact, they were going to pull out a gun, by the way, speaking of this. What are the commercials that we didn't discuss from the Super Bowl? And I don't remember what the product was. I think it was a TV show of not sure. But this is how crazy. People are with their television today and electronics and media in general, you remember the commercial that came on? And it kinda like screen kind of went out for a second and have had the lines on it at said CBS has not having a problem with. They had a disclaimer on it right in the front in the middle of what was the product. And was the TV show. I can't remember. Yeah. That's bad. Whatever it was five point two five million. I can't remember what it was for. But my point is they actually had to put that disclaimer on it because people were afraid people are going to get up and reach for the remote and change the channel which would have been very funny, actually. But that's the point we've gotten today, we gotta put disclaimers on everything. Because people think oh my God. There's something wrong. I'm gonna miss the Super Bowl. Does your guy in Louisiana who tried to rob a Popeye's fat fast food restaurant? He couldn't figure out how how to open the cash. Register. He couldn't get the register up. What do you think he did? Broke it. No, grab some fried chicken. Then ran out of place. Police found him in the area short-term later. He was eating chicken. He's been charged with simple robbery. Again, people today are just. I don't know. There's like there's a lot of people that have screwed looses or loose screws. As a guy here in Florida tried to run over his son with the truck because the sun didn't want to take a bath. So a neighbor walk down side. He heard the shouting he called the police after seeing the kid running away from his father who is chasing him with his truck. So the victim ran to several of the witnesses for help until the police arrived. Officers said the guy had been drinking heavily that day and they arrested him. He's been charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. We don't know the age of the victim. But we do know it was a kid. And again, it just goes to show your people don't. I think there's a general. Respect that people used to have for different items and different things and people in general. Kind of like went out the window. And I can't explain how it happened. I'd love to know how it happened. But somehow it just literally just like, you know, who cares? I'll give you a great example. The official explanation for the death of James Brown in twenty zero six hundred seventy three was natural causes congestive heart failure to be more specific. But CNN has come out with a three part investigation. Apart free raises a bombshell that there's a possibility to James Brown was actually murdered the writer interviewed nearly one hundred fifty people over two years, including eleven who want a new police investigation. One of the eleven is Dr Marvin Crawford who signed his death certificate. But Now Dan doubts that natural causes and suspects an overdose. Perhaps accidental perhaps not wasn't facts. The culprit. The medical examiner says he changed too fast. He was a patient. I would never predicted would have coated, but he died that night. And I did raise the question. What went wrong in that room? He says his recommendation for an autopsy was rejected by Brown's daughter Yama who declined to explain why don't addition of Brown's death investigation. Also calls into question. The explanation of the nineteen ninety six deaths of Brown's third wife. Adrienne brown. As an accidental overdose. That a retired police detective on that case gave Blake or notebook. From an informant who says that a doctor admitted murdering Adrienne Brown with a fatal drug overdose. So lake rides quote. There's a disturbing pattern assuming Lara's between Adrian Brown's death. And James Brown's death eleven years later, can you imagine? I mean, these these are the kind of things that are. Coming back to haunt people. It's kind of like the R Kelly thing. And what was what was the other one? Besides R Kelly that recently came to light. You mean like the Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson thing was another one. And they'll probably be many more. But why does it take so long for somebody to step forward and say, hey, I don't believe this is what exactly what happened by the way, speaking of R Kelly? This guy's got a set on him. He's announcing today that is going on tour throughout the United States. Really? Are people going to be stupid enough to buy tickets to see our calcium? And by the way are killing puts on a great show. But with all these accusations that have been levied against him. You would want to stay in a huge house. Not even show his face cities. Don't exact opposite is going to go out touring are coming up next. I mean, it's just amazing some ways that. Grocery stores tricky into spending more money, this is saving some money. So you don't wanna miss this. Coming up next here on the Rick.

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