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Think it's a threat to creation that's a health issue creation yep it's like if everyone started doing everybody and teach and you know Daddy does this this list with Daddy I mean books are coming out all out like that I mean it's gonna be really ruin our societies I mean I'm not bash and but I you know I respect them I'm friends with and you know I have a lot of friends that are that way but far as you know marriage that's that's a whole different most people according to Dr D. James Kennedy I mean most gave people go back to heterosexual eighty percent of them go back to the other way that's that's that's absolutely wrong that you know that's what you know now that sense of the survey showed it I mean one survey that Christians people did a survey on sand people did a survey well there was a long that's that's you danced garbage on. calling you it's garbage but I mean garbage the practice I mean look at the help look if they wanna brought to health issue argued argue your religious argument if you want out that one of Lee's holds water but this survey doesn't that's that's trash I don't know where you get anything like that eighty percent of the people are homosexual come back to be after sexual baloney. that's just not true. never gonna discuss this and let us discuss it. honestly you know not on or people get those kinds figures but that's in in fact pressed to cite even individual examples. of of gays that have come back to become heterosexual it is very very difficult and I've heard all kinds of discussions about this there are claims that somebody found god and turn their sexuality around and not you know I've heard those claims made but to try to announce here on the air that eighty percent of homosexuals come back to heterosexuality is just plain grossly wrong incorrect a disservice.

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