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We were just talking about that before the show got started i was saying them my my view on ventura boulevard is a little different than yours yes if you if you've never visited the california academy sciences up up in san francisco it's just incredible and they redid the whole thing in two thousand and eight thousand nine something like that it's a new bill it's it's stunning yeah we have a lot of windows and we look out directly on the park it really you know the architect really wanted to bring the park in and and it's a really really beautiful place and we have over three thousand animals within the building to so you know it's a great place to have shared experiences and kind of explore biodiversity and yeah definitely recommend you make visit that's hope feels like having my three toddlers in the house is you know a lot of interactions in a chance to explore biodiversity i love the jingles when you're heroes did you see the new documentary i have not yet now she's just incredible chance it's just just something else and i love like you said drone up and focusing on systems moore's you got older nuggets focusing on systems as an interesting way to put it because systems are so vital and important we talk here about you know sort of loosey goosey how everything is connected but they really are and it's such a smart way to build a concentration is is to is to pull all of those pieces together because if you just the there's there's a lot of incredible people that just work in ecology our biology all these different things and they have their specialties and that's super important or chemistry or physics or whatever it might be but when you're someone who can take a step back in and help us piece together all of those inter weaving functions it it it does give gives more truth to to the way things really work or talk about the day they don't so you're valuable we appreciate that so listen.

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