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Postseason game on the road to Super Bowl fifty three in Atlanta harbor Buddy Ryan eagle along with Tony Boselli sideline. Reporter Ben Lieber. Ben will join us shortly from downstairs ads. Well, Scott Graham from our studios later this afternoon, most of these same stations it'll be the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears game two of our wildcard doubleheader. But first it's time for the chargers. And the ravens Tony. It's the playoffs. These two teams got here in very different ways. The ravens are back in the post season for the first time since two thousand fourteen and Lamar Jackson their rookie quarterback has been a revelation. They changed their entire offense. And it has been so effective a six in one stretch to qualify for the postseason. I and they went for many pass happy. Barely could run the ball offense with Joe flacco to almost as like watching the whispering. When we were kids, you know, those old teams. I mean, it's power football with they option built in almost on every quarterback option. Lamar Jackson is rushed the ball more than any quarterback since the merger in modern era. Amazing. It is amazing. What he's done, and it's a completely different feeling here as well. Because it's almost back to the year two thousand when they had this great defense and ran the ball in one in spite of the quarterback. Now, they're not doing that. Lamar Jackson is a huge part of this ability to get on the edge and do things with his legs. But it's the defense because they have limited opportunities on the field now because the ravens control the clock. I mean, it is all built around the mar- Jackson and what he can do with his legs not as on. And whether this is sustainable down the road is not a question for today. Can they win today and move on to the playoffs? That's the challenge for Baltimore. Amore against a Los Angeles team that finished twelve and four tied with Kansas City best record in the AFC, but based on the tie breakers. They drop all the way down to the five seed Philip rivers is thirty seven years old. And he's been doing this a long time how many more chances does he get in this arena on this stage in the postseason? It's a great opportunity for a very talented charger squad, by the way, I think they're happy that they're on the road there. Eight zero outside of LA county. Hold other. No, we'll talk about. But he talked about Philip rivers. And you've got to remember who he was drafted with the office. Burger Eli manning. They both have rings. I in so much of a quarterback position today is about the hardware has won the big game and Philip rivers talk this week. But he doesn't how many more opportunity you have. Because.

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